40th Birthday Party Games
Here's The Answer to a Successful Fun Party.

40th Birthday Party Games are a Must. if you want your party to be memorable. Here you will find free 40th party games, and lots of 40th birthday themes ideas.

Add some easy, fun 40th birthday party games into your next birthday party celebration, it's a sure fire way to get energy and laughter into your party.

So if you want to know what games to play for your 40th Birthday Party, keep reading….

40th Birthday Party Games.

Include some easy 40th birthday party celebration games to add some fun. You don't need too many, just choose a couple. Use them as ice breakers at the beginning or intersperse them throughout the party.

I've included active as well as sit down games to choose from depending on what type of birthday party you decide to have.

Always good to start with a 40th birthday party games ice breaker.

40th Birthday Mixer Icebreaker Game

Ensure that your guest of honor has a truly Happy 40th Birthday!Literally mix the 'ingredients' of your party -- the guests -- by assigning each person a random tag.

Your guests must find the other ingredients of their party staple. It's a sure-fire way to get people mingling and breaking out of those cliques!

Memory Lane

40th birthday party games that take everyone down memory lane are always popular, and sometimes embarrassing for the birthday person,(which is half the fun!).

Pull out your old photos and memorabilia from the birthday persons life. School awards, trophies, stuff that they creates at school etc.

Create a slide show of the photos and display their awards and creations on a table. Ask the guest to bring along photos that they have of the birthday person.

During the event, have them stick the photos into a scrapbook and write comments in the book as a keep sake.

Celebrity Trivia- Hall of Shame

Check out your guests memories with this 40th Birthday Hall of Shame Celebrity Trivia

Who made the news for being INfamous?! We celebrate the drug busts, outbursts, fights and other embarrassing moments of weakness that seem to follow celebs around.

The stars' names are in stars. Simply write the number in the star next to your chosen moment of fame.Full answer key provided.

Name That Tune

Adapt a TV game show as a perfect 40th birthday party games.

You will need: Pre prepared recording of a selection of the birthday person's favourite songs. (30 sec for each song). A small prize. A noise making item for each team e.g a bell, a whistle, a horn, a rattle, clackers.

Object of the game:For the guests to name that tune and identify the artist. A fun addition to this game is where the birthday person has to dance to the songs as they are played.


  • If there are many people you could group them into teams, alternatively individual or pairs will suffice.
  • Explain the objective of the game.
  • Play the first song and have the birthday person get up and dance (optional).
  • The first team to to sound off their noise making item can have a chance to name the song and the artist singing. If correct they get a point.
  • If they are wrong, they lose a point and a another team can have a go, once they have used their noise making item.
  • For extra point they have to know what year the song was a hit.
  • Repeat with all the songs.
  • The team with the most points at the end wins the game.

  • 40th Birthday Game: Meet Your Match

    What if Santa Claus and Marge Simpson got caught in the act? This and other hilarious situations await you in this fabulous famous couples game!

    Each party guest randomly picks an identity; couples act their scenario card together. The other party guests have to try to guess who the famous people they are and what the heck they're up to!

    One of the easiest 40th Birthday Party games that is instantly delivered by email ready to play!

    Murder Mystery Party - A Taste for Wine and Murder

    If you're having a small dinner party, up to 8 people to celebrate your 40th birthday, then why not have a Murder Mystery Party - A Taste for Wine and Murder

    The game includes everything you need to serve up mystery, murder, and fun: a shopping list, menus, and recipes by cookbook author Sandra Gluck; eight party invitations and envelopes; place cards; secret clues; and, best of all, a murder mystery to solve.

    Just invite your friends to dress up and play the roles of the devious suspects (each with his or her own character booklet with roles and background info).

    Other Murder Mystery Party Games to choose for your 40th birthday party games Include:

    Murder Mystery Party - Pasta, Passion and Pistols

    Murder Mystery Party - A Murder on the Grill

    How to Host a Murder: Saturday Night Cleaver


    One of my favorite 40th birthday party games to play when the guest numbers are large. This is one of these games that I remember playing when I was younger and I still have fun with it today.

    One player is selected who has to guess what word or sentence the remainder of the company has chosen. He goes out of the room, and when the subject has been decided upon, returns and asks a question of each of the guests in turn. The answer must be either "Yes" or "No," and in no case should more words be used, if they do, then they have to miss a turn or do a forfeit that the group decides upon.

    The first important point to be found out is whether the subject is "Animal," "Vegetable," or "Mineral." So this is usually the first question to be asked.

    If the subject chosen is a cat which is sleeping in the room by the fire, the questions and answers might be like the following:

  • Is the subject chosen an animal?" "Yes."
  • Wild animal." "No."
  • Domestic animal?" "Yes."
  • Common?" "Yes."
  • Are there many to be seen in this town?" "Yes."
  • Have you seen many this day?" "Yes."
  • In this house?" "No."
  • Have you seen many in the road?" "Yes."
  • Do they draw carts?" "No.'
  • Are they used for working purposes?" "No."
  • Is the subject a pet?" "Yes."
  • Have they one in the house?" "Yes."
  • In this room?" "Yes."
  • Is it lying in front of the fire at the present time?" "Yes."
  • Is the subject you all thought of the cat lying in front of the fire in this room?" "Yes."
  • Once the subject has been guessed, another one is chosen and the game continues with a new player having to guess.

    This game can also be done as 2 teams competing. Great for large numbers of guest and also if seating has guest sitting at 2 different tables.

    The teams are given different subjects so that they can't cheat by listening to the other team. The first team to guess the subject wins the point for that round. Decide how many rounds you want to play, and maybe award small prize for the winning team.

    The Game of BUZZ

    This is a very old game, but is always a favorite. The more the players, the greater the fun.

    The guests sit in a circle or this can be done at a dinner table. They begin to count in turn, but when the number 7 or any number in which the figure 7 or any multiple of 7 is reached, they say "Buzz," instead of whatever the number may be.

    For example, supposing the players have counted up to 12, the next player will say "13," the next "Buzz," because 14 is a multiple of 7 (2x7.)

    The next player would then say "15," the next "16" and the next would of course say "Buzz" because the figure 7 occurs in the number 17.

    If one of the players forgets to say "Buzz" at the proper time, they are out. The game then starts over again with the remaining players, and so it continues until there is but one person remaining.

    If your guest are very clever, and not drank too much!! then they may reach up to 70, which, would of course be called Buzz. The numbers would then be carried on as Buzz 1, Buzz 2, etc., up to 79, but it is very seldom that this stage is reached.

    Family Animal Game

    This was one of my favorite party games when I was a young girl. It's a spin on musical chairs, and is most suited to be one of your 40th birthday party games. I have also used it during a corporate sales meeting with sales reps to add energy to the meeting. I used a theme, Africa, so I chose animals from Africa only. You can vary it to suit the theme of your party. Expect a lot of noise and laughter. Not suitable if pregnant, as it can get quite rough!

    You will need: Pen and paper to write animal names on, chairs, (1/3rd the number of chairs to the number of guests. Music.

    Object of the game: Find your family and be the last family of animals sitting on the last chair.


  • Select animal names such as Lions, Dogs, Bears, Pigs, etc.
  • Write down on a piece of paper, Daddy Bear, then on another piece of paper write Mummy Bear, then on a third piece of paper write Baby Bear.
  • Repeat for all your chosen animals.
  • Set the chairs up in a row as you would in musical chairs, each alternate chair facing the opposite direction. Have enough chairs for each of the animal families.
  • Play the music while handing out the folded pieces of paper, which have been mixed up.
  • Guests walk around the chairs but must not look at the paper until the music stops.
  • When the music stops, the guest reads the animal name and begins to make the noise of that animal. No talking!
  • Each animal has to find its family (by animal noise only), Father, Mother and Baby, before they can sit on a chair.
  • Once they have found each other, Daddy must sit on the chair, Mummy sits on Daddy's knee and Baby on Mummy's knee.
  • Repeat the process, but remove 1 of the chairs. As each round completes the family that doesn't get a chair must sit out the next round.
  • The last family of animals sitting on the last chair is the winner.
  • How Well Do You Know …(insert birthday person's name).

    My friend Melanie turned 40 years old this year. We all dressed up in our best party frocks and black tie for the boys. She played this game which worked well at getting everyone talking to each other throughout the evening. A recently tried and tested 40th Birthday party games idea.

    Write down a list of questions relating to the Birthday person 10-15 questions. Choose questions that you know some of the guests will know.

    The idea is that the guests must talk with each other to find the answers to the questions that they don't know. Sharing of answers is therefore encouraged. Include some obvious questions that everyone will know. initiate this game early in the evening and present the answers near the end, maybe just before or after the cake is cut.

    Example of questions to get you started. (I'm using Melanie as the example birthday person, substitute your own birthday persons name):

    1. What was the name of the school that Melanie went to?(Good question that family and school friends would know)

    2. How many children does Melanie have?(Everyone should know this one)

    3. Where did Melanie and Keith (Husband) meet?

    4. How old are Melanie's children?

    5. Has Melanie ever lost her drivers licence?(this is a 50:50 chance question)

    6. What is Melanie's favourite drink?

    7. What is Melanie's boss's name?(Good one for the work colleagues)

    8.What is Melanie's house number?

    9. What star sign is Melanie?

    10. What is Melanie scared of?

    11. What sport does Melanie play?

    12. What is Melanie's fathers name?

    Hopefully you get the idea. This really is one of the simplest 40th birthday party games to do, now get a pen and think up some questions for your own birthday person.

    Board or Card Games

    It doesn't matter if you're 8 or 88 years, board games are still fun to play and can be one of your chosen 40th birthday party games. So if you're planning a quieter night in with close friends, bring out the board and card games. Poker night, Original UNO Card GameCard Games), Pictionary The Game of Quick Draw,TwisterAction Games) and Charades are just as much fun as they were when you were playing them in your teens and early 20's. For a simple night, order Pizza or your favorite takeaway and plan a fun night in playing cool games.

    40th Birthday Themes

    Here are some 40th birthday party games ideas to get you thinking, brainstorm with your friends and you may come up with a creative, suitable 40th birthday party theme of your own.

    Anyone born in the 1970's will be turning, or have just turned, 40 years old. So why not celebrate the 70's era with a costume party. Make this one of your 40th birthday party games by having a costume parade and prizes for best and worst dressed, best couple etc.

    Along with the costume, why not add some special music. Get a copy of this Now That's What I Call Dance Classics and turn your party into a dance party.

    Hawaiian luau Beach Party

    Do you live near the beach? or do you have a pool?, then why not have a Hawaiian luau Beach Party?

    Surprise Party

    The hardest part of a surprise party, it keeping it a surprise! Rather than just having the guests jump out all together shouting "surprise!" Stagger the surprises. Have different guests turning up at different times, or being "found" by the birthday person as they move around the house, if it's being held at home.

    Change venues and have guests turn up at different venues. This works well at a hotel, and great if guests can't all arrive at the same time. For example, have some of the surprise guests being "found" in the lobby. More early bird guests are discovered at the bar where drinks are served, as the small group move to the restaurant (near the bar) for food, more surprise guests are waiting.

    If there are guests that can't make the dinner, then they may be able to arrive later as the birthday cake is served and can join the group for after diner drinks and coffees in the lounge area.

    Don't forget to add some great 40th birthday party games!

    Black Tie Dinner Party

    Make your evening a classy affair, think Bond ….. James Bond. Tuxedos and diamonds. You can incorporate casino games such as Roulette and Poker, Black Jack. What about a spy party? Throw in a Spy Party game: Password Cracker for a bit of fun!

    Scavenger Hunt

    This is a fun way to spend a few hours as your main 40th birthday party games. Divide the guests into small teams and send them out into town armed with a list of fun, daring (but safe) activities to complete. Make sure that they have a phone camera to capture evidence of successful completion of the activities. Set a clear time for the teams to return to base for a debrief.

    Allocate points for the various activities and award an appropriate prize to the winning team. Refreshments and the important birthday cake can be enjoyed while each team shares the details of their scavenge.

    Mexican "Fiesta" Party

    Here's a hot idea for your 40th birthday party games...Why not heat things up, with some Mexican food and dancing, and some Fiesta Party Games?

    Now that you have your 40th birthday party games sorted, don't forget to visit Shindigz.com...Great Party Supplies at Low Prices. Get all your paper party tableware and decorations delivered…too easy!

    I hope my site 40th Birthday Party Games has given you some ideas so that you know what to do for 40th birthday party. Keep it simple, keep it safe and have fun!

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    "Thank you Katherine, love your site. I used your suggestions for my 4 year olds birthday party last week. 15 Kindergarden kids! My sister does face painting so we did that. I had a pass the parcel using nursery rhyme music I had a candy between each wrapping of paper which worked well. Finally I did some balloon games. They loved it. I especially liked your idea of having a story time at the end of the party, it worked well, my sister read the stories and I organized the parents as they arrived to pick up their kids. My little girl loved her special day and I think it was the games that made it work so well. Planning my sons 7th Birthday for next month now"

    Sandra, Atlanta, USA

    Just a quick note to let you know that I followed your instructions for running party games at my sons birthday party and it went really well. I did 3 games and the most popular was the obstacle course. I had 10 boys ages 6-10 and once they had played with the course I had set out they then started to create their own ideas for obstacles and rearranged the course making it harder and harder. This 1 game kept them entertained for over an hour.

    Jess, From New Jersey.

    Thank you for the Easter games ideas, they went down a treat. We did the Easter egg hunt and I had pin the bunny ears. Really good.I like your web site its well written and got great ideas.

    Maggie B, Hamilton, Canada

    Thank you for your baby shower games ideas, I'd never done one before so had no idea where to start. They worked well and my friends loved it.

    Kim, Sydney.

    I had a housewarming last week and we played your game know your suburb. it was very entertaining and we learnt so much just in preparing for the game, great idea thanks.

    Shelly, Manchester, UK

    Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it. If you want to make a comment please feel free to contact me here.

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