50th Birthday Party Games.
Find Out What The Best, Easiest Games Are And How To Run Them.

50th Birthday Party Games are a Must. if you want your party to be memorable. Here you will find free 50th party games, and lots of 50th birthday themes ideas.

Personally I believe that 50th party games are a great way to get energy and fun into your birthday party celebration.

So if you want to know what to do for your 50th Birthday Party, keep reading….

I always start with the birthday theme. There are so many 50th birthday party themes to choose from, I can only list a few popular ideas on this page.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking, brainstorm with your friends and you may come up with a creative, suitable 50th birthday party theme of your own.

Your chosen theme will help set the tone for the whole party. You will need to consider who your guests are, what age, how many etc etc. But one thing is true for all parties, whatever the age, the goal is always for everyone to have fun.

50th Birthday Themes

Anyone born in the 1960's will be turning, or have just turned, 50 years old. So why not celebrate the 60's era with a costume party.

Make this one of your 50th birthday party games by having a costume parade and prizes for best and worst dressed, best couple etc.

Along with the costume, why not add some special music. Get a copy of this Pure 80'sPop Music CDs) and turn your party into an 80's dance party.

Surprise Party

The hardest part of a surprise party, it keeping it a surprise! Rather than just having the guests jump out all together shouting "surprise!" Stagger the surprises. Have different guests turning up at different times, or being "found" by the birthday person as they move around the house, if it's being held at home.

Change venues and have guests turn up at different venues. This works well at a hotel, and great if guests can't all arrive at the same time.

For example, have some of the surprise guests being "found" in the lobby. More early bird guests are discovered at the bar where drinks are served, as the small group move to the restaurant (near the bar) for food, more surprise guests are waiting. If there are guests that can't make the dinner, then they may be able to arrive later as the birthday cake is served and can join the group for after diner drinks and coffees in the lounge area.

This is a fun, easy game to play at a surprise party, it's the Tangled Tongue Twisters 50th Birthday Game, amongst others that you can use at each of the venues.

Spa Day Party

One for the girls. A spa day party. It can be inexpensive, by having one at home. Simply buy some quality products and set them out on a table along with everything they will need to pamper themselves.

You could arrange for a beauty therapist to vista your home and proved a demonstration of their own products. I recently had an afternoon tea party and a Mary Kay consultant came along with everything we needed. You can of course splash out and visit a local day spa.

For an extra special day why not hire a limo or a hummer to carry the guests in style? Afternoon tea style food is an ideal accompaniment to any spa day birthday party.

Add some fun games to ensure that your guest of honor has a truly Happy 50th Birthday!

How many of your guests have tall stories and skeletons in their closets? This game Been There Done That 50th Birthday Game will find out...

The host reads aloud each category. When a guest wants to 'fess up, they shout "I did it!" You can decide how gory you want the details they share to be. Super fun! You can play this, while your nails are drying or after as you relax in the lounge.

Murder Mystery Party

If you're feeling theatrical, why not have a Murder Mystery Party

Black Tie Dinner Party

Make your 50th birthday party games evening a classy affair, think Bond ….. James Bond. Tuxedos and diamonds. You can incorporate casino games such as Roulette and Poker, Black Jack.

Turn it into a spy party? Throw in a Spy Party game: Password Cracker for a bit of fun!

Add some more fun with this 50th Birthday: Pick the Party Stars Game Hand out a nomination sheet to every guest. Have them vote for 12 categories, including Biggest Party Animal, Most Awesome Hair and Nicest Bottom!

Use the unique cut-out award trophies for each winner to receive. Make an event of it with a golden envelope, red carpet or velvet curtains -- and don't forget to demand acceptance speeches!

Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun way to spend a few hours as your main 50th birthday games. Divide the guests into small teams and send them out into town armed with a list of fun, daring (but safe) activities to complete. Make sure that they have a phone camera to capture evidence of successful completion of the activities. Set a clear time for the teams to return to base for a debrief.

Allocate points for the various activities and award an appropriate prize to the winning team. Refreshments and the important birthday cake can be enjoyed while each team shares the details of their scavenge.

Hawaiian luau Beach Party

Do you live near the beach? or do you have a pool?, then why not have a Hawaiian luau Beach Party? It's easy to add some 50th birthday party games to this theme, so check out the ideas here.

Once you have selected the theme and the appropriate 50th birthday party games to play, you can plan your party around it. The invitations, the decorations, the food can all be prepared with the party game in mind.

Planning is essential, but don't try and do it all on your own, enlist the help of friends whenever you can. The more brains, the more ideas for a successful party.

The birthday 50th birthday party games that you choose do need to be safe and practical, I have listed some cool 50th birthday party games and ideas to consider that could work for your 50th birthday party celebration.

50th Birthday Party Games

Lazer Skirmish

50th birthday party games which are great for the boys - skirmish. Book your local Lazier Skirmish or lazier Tag venue for a few hours. Check with the venue often they have BBQ sites or catering provided at a cost of course.

Memory Lane

50th birthday party games that take everyone down memory lane are always popular, and sometimes embarrassing for the birthday person,(which is half the fun!). Pull out your old photos and memorabilia from the birthday persons life. School awards, trophies, stuff that they creates at school etc.

Create a slide show of the photos and display their awards and creations on a table. Ask the guest to bring along photos that they have of the birthday person. During the event, have them stick the photos into a scrapbook and write comments in the book as a keep sake.

Check out your guests memories with this 50th Birthday Hall of Shame Celebrity Trivia

Who made the news for being INfamous?! We celebrate the drug busts, outbursts, fights and other embarrassing moments of weakness that seem to follow celebs around.

The stars' names are in stars. Simply write the number in the star next to your chosen moment of fame.Full answer key provided.

Music and Dance Party

A Disco/dance/party, whatever you want to call it. Hire a venue, a DJ and select your favorite music. Those of you born in the 1960's were teenagers in the late 70's early 80's so may well like this album Dance Party: Like It's 2001House Music CDs)

You can run best dancing competitions, best group dance, best couple dance. Try doing the freeze dance, same as the kids musical statues, when the music stops everyone has to freeze, (stand perfectly still). If you move, you're out, last one dancing wins.

Throw in a bit of karaoke if you want! Glitter balls and dry ice machines can all add to the effect. Get creative with your 50th birthday games at the disco!

Include some easy 50th birthday party celebration games to add some fun. You don't need too many, just choose a couple. Use them as Icebreakers at the beginning or intersperse them throughout the day.

Getting to Know You - Clothes Peg Game

This is a great ice breaker game for your 50th birthday party games, especially when the guests don't know each other. It gets everyone talking.

You will need: A clothes peg for everyone, a small prize.

Object of the game: Apart from getting to know each other, the aim is to collect as many clothes pegs from the other guests as possible. Great one to do while finger food is served!


  • Hand out the clothes peg to all the guests on arrival.
  • Ask them to attach the clothes peg to their upper clothes.
  • Tell the guests to mix and mingle around the room asking and answering questions with each other.
  • They are not allowed to use the words birthday or the name of the birthday person or any variation of the word/name.
  • If anyone uses the forbidden words, they must hand over their peg to the other person.
  • The winner is the person with all the pegs at the end of the birthday party.
  • Alternatively use this 50th Birthday Party Games - Mixer Icebreaker Game which is sure to help your guests get to know each other and have fun doing it.

    Meet Your Match

    What if Santa Claus and Marge Simpson got caught in the act? This and other hilarious situations await you in this fabulous famous couples game!

    Each party guest randomly picks an identity; couples act their scenario card together. The other party guests have to try to guess who the famous people they are and what the heck they're up to!

    This 50th Bday Games: Meet Your Match is easy to do and will get everyone involved.

    Name That Tune

    Adapt a TV game show as a perfect 50th birthday party games.

    You will need: Pre prepared recording of a selection of the birthday person's favorite songs. (30 sec for each song). A small prize. A noise making item for each team e.g a bell, a whistle, a horn, a rattle, clackers.

    Object of the game:For the guests to name that tune and identify the artist. A fun addition to this game is where the birthday person has to dance to the songs as they are played.


  • If there are many people you could group them into teams, alternatively individual or pairs will suffice.
  • Explain the objective of the game.
  • Play the first song and have the birthday person get up and dance (optional).
  • The first team to to sound off their noise making item can have a chance to name the song and the artist singing. If correct they get a point.
  • If they are wrong, they lose a point and a another team can have a go, once they have used their noise making item.
  • For extra point they have to know what year the song was a hit.
  • Repeat with all the songs.
  • The team with the most points at the end wins the game.
  • Can you match the song title to the artist? This classic 15-track game will add color to your 50th birthday party!50th Birthday Game: Color of Music Trivia. A detailed answer page is included.

    Trivia Game

    This is a lively 50th birthday party games, focus on an era either the 1960's when the 50 year olds were born, alternatively the 1970's or 1980's when they were in their late teens early 20's.

    Research what was happening in your chosen era. What music was playing? what movies were playing? who were the top celebrates at the time? who were the international politicians of that time? what major events happened? There are so many areas to prepare questions on.

    As the trivia game show host, prepare questions by using pictures, music and you tube videos to help bring the era to life. Take your guests back to that era with the sounds and images.

    Divide the guests into teams and give them a bell or buzzer so that you know which team has the answer first. Use a flip chart to keep a tally of the scores. Award prizes for the winning team, appropriate and fun for that era.

    If you want the trivia questions prepared for you for this 50th Bday game: 1960s Music Trivia gives you everything that you need.

    Toy Trivia Party Game

    Step into childhood for this nostalgic quiz!Featuring toys and playthings of the past, our 15-question quiz will test both peers and the parents who bought all that good stuff.Two pages of fully detailed answers included.

    50th Bday Game: Toy Trivia is sure to keep your guests entertained.

    Board or Card Games

    It doesn't matter if you're 8 or 88 years, board games are still fun to play. So if you're planning a quieter night in with close friends and still want so 50th birthday party games, bring out the board and card games.

    Poker night, Original UNO Card GameCard Games), Pictionary The Game of Quick Draw,TwisterAction Games) and Charades are just as much fun as they were when you were playing them in your teens and early 20's. For a simple 50th birthday party games night, order Pizza or your favorite takeaway and plan a fun night in playing cool games.

    I hope my site has given you some ideas so that you know what to do for 50th birthday party games. Keep it simple, keep it safe and have fun!

    End 50th Birthday Party Games

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    Thanks for the party ideas Katherine.We played your game "Find The Cat" at our housewarming party, only we have a pet rabbit called Bob. We took photos of him and hid them around the house. It really did liven up the party having everyone looking for Bobs pictures. It got everyone talking.

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