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Easy Party Games, Issue #005 --Halloween Party - 4 Things You Must Have
September 29, 2011

Halloween Party Time - 4 Things You Must Have...

This month.....

Halloween is fast approaching, so it's time to start preparing for your Halloween Party!

So what are the 4 things that you absolutely must have for this years Halloween party?

Think Food, Costumes, Decorations, and of course the all important Halloween Party Games.

For my Party Game of The Month, I have a Halloween Special, and our first contribution from one of my readers to the Readers Party Game of the Month.

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Party Game Of The Month

This month, My Party Game Of The Month is the Halloween Party Games Pack because it has over 50 printables Halloween Party Games that the whole family can play.

It includes Word games, Group Games, Trivia and much more!

...and these games are simply downloaded, ready to go..fantastic if you've left it to the last minute.

Readers Halloween Party Game Of The Month

Readers Halloween Game of the Month comes from Becky Mum of 3 from Canada.

Halloween Mummies Divide the kids into teams and give them lots of toilet paper. The teams have to choose someone to be the mummy, and the other team members have to wrap the Mummy up in the toilet paper. The first team to completely wrap up their Mummy is the winner.

Thanks Becky, sounds like a fun and easy game to play.

If you have a games idea, that you would like to share in my newsletter, then contact me with the details. All ideas will get published on my web site.

Halloween Food

I searched some sites for some fun scary food ideas for you. My favorites were the following:

For something to drink I chose the Halloween Witches Brew I reckon if you add some wine then it would be perfect for the adults too!

For something meaty, I love these Hags Fingers, the kids will love 'em, but I think I will have to close my eyes before eating them.

For a sweet, I think these Spider Cupcakes are so cute and they look so yummy.

And for a sweet treat to finish how a bout something traditional like Toffee Apples. We used to make these when we were kids.

Halloween Costumes

I have just updated my Halloween Costumes page on my site, so check it out, because I recently searched for my favorite Halloween Costumes and posted them.

The good thing about Halloween Costumes is that they can be used for other costume parties during the year. And don't think that it's just the kids who like to wear them, some of us adults like to dress up too… So if you haven't done it before, why not give it a go this year?

If you're stuck for ideas head over to Halloween Costumes for some inspiration and also check out this Fright Catalogue for scary costumes and props.

Halloween Decorations

I have to say that Shindigz has it covered when it comes to Halloween, they have Over 36,000 Low-Priced Party Supplies They've got banners, labels for bottles, tombstones, tabletop centrepieces, fridge door covers, balloons, bats, ghosts, photo props….anything you need with a Halloween theme!

You will have loads of fun shopping for your Halloween decorations and props on this site.

Halloween Party Games

I've updated my Halloween Party Games pages in anticipation, and so has PrintableGamesAtoZ with their new From Creepy To Cute -All New Halloween Games, which are now on special at just $5.00! WOW

But be quick because this promotion ends September 30, 2011 (Deal ID 66430)

For more Halloween Printables check these out:

Halloween Word Scramble

Finish The Spooky Phrase

Trick-or-Treat Candy Rhyme Time

I love the Halloween Printables because they're so quick and easy to get and use. Once you decide what you want, simple print them off. So, if you've left it till the last minute to think about your Halloween Party Games, take the easy route and print them off!

If its just kids having the party, then you will need some Kids Halloween Games. One of my favorite is the Pumpkin Lucky Dip.

It's a Lucky Dip with a Halloween Twist.

Carve out a pumpkin, or buy a inexpensive Pumpkin Pail

Cook up some spaghetti, and when it cools, poor some olive oil over it to make it slippy. Place the spaghetti into the pumpkin. Get a packet of wrapped lollies and mix them into the spaghetti.

You can blindfold the kids and tell them that they're putting their hands into a dead witches body, and what they can feel is her intestines. Each kid takes it in turns to put their hand into the spaghetti and pick out a lolly. It's gross, but you know that they'll love it!

Newsletter Back Issues

If you missed last months Newsletter, it is still available for you to read as a back issue.

Check out the party games ideas that were listed in last months Newsletter - September Specials

Make sure you have all your party needs taken care of with Party Supplies at Low Prices. They have a wide choice of decorations, props and tableware for every party situation.

Whatever your party needs, you have them right here at your finger tips....

and of course there is always which has heaps of easy games to play for all ages and all occasions.

Check out the back issue of the 6 easy steps to plan the perfect July 4th party. You can use them again to help you plan your next party, whether that be for one of the following upcoming events:

Fall Party

Oktoberfest Party

Halloween Party

Thanksgiving Party

Christmas Party

You will find all the Party Games that you need here.

If you have any comments, ideas or feedback, please contact me. I'd love to hear from you. It's easy to do, simply reply to this e-zine and tell me what you think!

I look forward to sharing some more best party games ideas in my next e-zine, so keep a look out in your mail box.

All the best

.....and Have A Happy Spooky Halloween!


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