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Easy Party Games, Issue #001 --Top Games For Kids
May 30, 2011

Best Party Games For Kids

Easy Party Games, issue #001 - Best Party Games For Kids

In this issue....

You will read about which are my top 5 picks for the best party games to play at an outdoor kids party.

They're the best because, they get everyone involved, they suit a wide range of ages so the grown ups can play too, and best of all they're free and easy to do!

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My Best Party Games need space to play, so they are great for outdoor parties or where a large hall is being used if it's bad weather.

Any number of players from about 12+. Perfect for kids party's were the whole class has been invited! And for large family numbers were all the Aunts, Uncles and Cousins are attending...they can get quite big!

Best Kids Party Game Number 1.

Dodge Ball

This is an easy game to play. You only need lots of people and 1 soft football sized ball. All ages can play however with mixed ages, grown ups need to be careful with the much younger players.

To start, 1 player is chosen to be the thrower of the ball. They have to throw the ball into the group of players and try and hit as many players as they can, with the ball.

Once the ball has touched a player, that player then joins the ball thrower. This team of 2 now throw the ball through the group of players to each other. As players get touched by the ball, they then join the ball throwers on the outside.

The players in the middle must try and dodge the ball as best they can. Eventually there will be most of the players, who have been touched by the ball, forming a ring around the players that have not been touched by the ball, (if they're smart- game tip!).

Play continues until finally only 1 player will remain in the circle that has been formed by those players, now all throwers of the ball, who are forming a ring around the last person standing...who is the winner!

Best Kids Party Game Number 2.

Family Animal Game

This was one of my favorite party games when I was a young girl. It's a spin on musical chairs. I have also used it during a corporate sales meeting with sales reps to add energy to the meeting. I used a theme, Africa, so I chose animals from Africa only. You can vary it to suit the theme of your party. Expect a lot of noise and laughter. Not suitable if pregnant, as it can get quite rough!

You will need:

Pen and paper to write animal names on, chairs, (1/3rd the number of chairs to the number of guests. Music.

Object of the game:

Find your family and be the last family of animals sitting on the last chair.


Select animal names such as Lions, Dogs, Bears, Pigs, etc. Write down on a piece of paper, Daddy Bear, then on another piece of paper write Mummy Bear, then on a third piece of paper write Baby Bear.

Repeat for all your chosen animals.

Set the chairs up in a row as you would in musical chairs, each alternate chair facing the opposite direction. Have enough chairs for each of the animal families.

Play the music while handing out the folded pieces of paper, which have been mixed up.

Guests walk around the chairs but must not look at the paper until the music stops.

When the music stops, the guest reads the animal name and begins to make the noise of that animal. No talking!

Each animal has to find its family (by animal noise only), Father, Mother and Baby, before they can sit on a chair.

Once they have found each other, Daddy must sit on the chair, Mummy sits on Daddy's knee and Baby on Mummy's knee.

Repeat the process, but remove 1 of the chairs. As each round completes the family that doesn't get a chair must sit out the next round.

The last family of animals sitting on the last chair is the winner.

Best Kids Party Game Number 3.

Obstacle Course

Get creative with this game and create your own obstacle course to suit the ages of the guests. Divide the party guests into equal teams, (mixed ages and abilities to make it fair!).

You will need, (don't be limited to my ideas, create your own):

A variety of obstacles. For example, a plank of wood to walk along, Hula Hoop to climb through, old tyres to step through, a sheet to crawl under, balloons to put between the legs and walk with, balls and buckets (each player has to get a ball into the bucket).

Object of the game:

First team to all get their players to the finish line after successfully completing all the obstacles that have been set.


Set up an obstacle course with a start and finish line.

Line the players up in their teams, along the start line.

When you shout GO, the player at the front of the line must run through the obstacle course, to the finish line.

When they reach the finish line they shout NEXT and the next player in the line starts to run through the obstacle course.

The first team to have all their team members at the finish line are the winners.

Encouragement of shouting, cheering and whistle blowing is encouraged!

Best Kids Party Game Number 4.


Divide your guests into equal teams with mixed ages and abilities to make it fair. Each team sit on chairs in rows, 1 in front of the other. 1 person controls the game, that person is the Station Master.

Note, if you don't have enough chairs, you can use cushions, however consider the age of your guests and their ability to get up off the floor!

The player at the front of the row is station number 1, the player behind is station number 2 and so on, so that all the teams have been numbered from station 1 - 5 for example.

Place a chair, 1 for each team, a short running distance in front of each team, this is the empty chair.

The Station Master shouts out a station number between 1-5. The player at station number 1 from each team must get up from their chair and run forward towards the singe empty chair at the front of their team. They must circle the empty chair run back to towards their team, run around the last person in their team and then back to their own seat. The fastest team to get back to their chair scores a point.

The game progresses, when the Station Master shouts out 2 station numbers at the same time, for example stations 3 and 4. Both players at stations 3 and 4 in each team, get up and run around the empty chair, then back around the last person in the team, and this time they return to the other team members seat. So that number 3 is now sitting in number 4's chair and vice versa. As this happens several times the players must remember what number station they are sitting in, otherwise they are slow to react when the Station master calls out their station number.

At some point the Station Master can call out "All change" in which case every player must get up and run around the empty chair, back around the last chair in the row and then go back to any station except the one that they started from.

Points are scored for the fastest team and a set time is given for the game to play its course. The winning team is the one with the most points.

Best Kids Party Game Number 5.

Three Legged Race

This is a classic outdoor, group game for various numbers of guests, great fun. Firstly pair off the guests into equal ages/sizes. Stand the pair next to each other and gently tie the inside legs together, so they appear to have 3 legs between them.

Allow time for practice, some will very much need it! Once ready, line them up at the start line, shout "Go" and they must all run as fast as they can to the finish line.

The game can be run several times, by eliminating the slowest players until finally when just 2 teams remain. They can race it out between them to find an ultimate 3 legged race winner.

So there you have it, my top 5 best party games

If you have any comments, ideas or feedback, please contact me. I'd love to hear from you. It's easy to do, simply reply to this e-zine and tell me what you think!

I look forward to sharing some more best party games ideas in my next e-zine, so keep a look out in your mail box.

All the best


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