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Easy Party Games, Issue #006 --5 Tips For A Successful Christmas Party
October 30, 2011

5 Tips For A Successful Christmas Party

This month.....

As I'm writing this newsletter, I realized that Christmas is only 55 days away!

So it's time to start thinking about, and preparing for your Christmas Party!

Keep reading to learn my 5 Secrets To A Successful Christmas party.

For my Party Game of The Month I have a

Christmas Party Game for a Christmas Office Party. I also have another contribution from one of my readers to the Readers Party Game of the Month.

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Party Game Of The Month

This month, My Party Game Of The Month is especially for those of you who will be attending an office Christmas party.

From now until Christmas, there will be office Christmas parties held all over the place, and if last years was a little dull and boring, then why not get some easy to play, printable party games. Any number of players can play, so it doesn't matter how large or small your party group is!

You can save a PACKET with this five-game Office Christmas Party Games Pack Five great office party games for just $11.95!

This pack includes the following games, which can be instantly downloaded ready to play, and includes instructions, cut out cards and accessories.

  • Mad Libs game
  • Gift Exchange game
  • Left-Right game
  • Acting game
  • Giant trivia board game

  • Readers Party Game Of The Month

    Readers Game of the Month comes from Gina C from Sydney

    Odd One Out

    This a a good game for children to play while sitting at the table having food, or just after food, or waiting for the food to arrive.

    The idea is to find the person who is the most odd in the group and they become the winner.

    For example:

  • If every child is wearing short pant and 1 child has long pants then they win a point.
  • If every child has blue eyes and 1 has brown eyes, they win a point.
  • If every child is right handed and 1 is left handed, they win a point.
  • If every child is wearing a party hat and 1 child isn't they win a point
  • If every child has a drink of orange cordial and 1 has a water, they win a point.
  • If one child has meat sandwich on their plate and the others don't, they win a point.
  • The kids have to look for the things that make themselves the odd one out.

    It's best for an adult to supervise and to have the final decision in case of any arguments. I find it best for each child to take it in turns and to keep their scores on a notepad.

    Thanks Gina, sounds like a fun and easy game to play, great for

    indoor party games too. If you have a games idea that you would like to share in my newsletter, then enter your game idea here! All ideas will get published on my web site.

    5 Secrets To A Successful Christmas Party

    1. Have A Plan

    The more you plan, the better off you'll be. So plan everything.

    Write a list of names of all the people attending the party. You will need to make sure that they are all catered for, especially when it comes to food which is often the focus for the party. Check if there are any dietary requirements, e.g. gluten free, nut free etc.

    Once you know this information, you can plan the menu.

    Are there children attending, if so how many and what age? knowing this will help you with your catering requirements.

    Will you be providing the drinks (alcohol and or soft drink?) Often it's easier to ask people to bring their own alcohol, and for you to provide the soft drinks. That way, guests can bring their favorite drink and take responsibility for their alcohol consumption.

    Where are you holding your Christmas party? At home or at a venue? Indoor or outdoor? Don't forget to consider the weather, and make sure that your venue is suitable for your numbers and for weather changes.

    Have a plan for the day, times of guest arrival, when and how food will be served. When will the party games be played. Have a plan, but be flexible, it is Christmas after all!

    2. Spread The Work Load

    For large Christmas parties, remember, you don't have to do it all yourself. You can get hired help, at a cost of course. However, if cost is an issue, ask your family and friends to help out.

    Simply delegate!

    Create a menu and allocate components of it to your family and friends to bring. A typical Australian way is to ask everyone "to bring a plate of food" (best to suggest what food or else you may end up with 15 plates of chicken wings!)

    Other things to delegate include: the invitations,, the decorations, the cleaning up, car parking, present wrapping, making the Christmas cake and or Christmas pudding, and the important party games.

    3. Shop Early

    Don't leave anything to the last minute.

    Remember your planning?…. well you also need to plan your shopping list. Presents, decorations, and all your non perishable food.

    The only stuff that you need to shop for a day or two before, should be your fresh food….and make sure you have a list of exactly what fresh food you need.

    Check out the Shindigz Christmas Clearance for some inexpensive ideas for decorations, tableware, and party favors all at low prices.

    You will have loads of fun shopping for your Christmas decorations and tablewear on this site.

    4. Pre Prepare Food the Day Before

    Cakes, Jelly, biscuits, bread all these things can be prepared the day before.

    In fact, some things can be prepared earlier, frozen and thawed the day before or early in the morning of the day of the Christmas party.

    5. Include Some Fun Easy Party Games.

    One of the key ingredients to a successful Christmas party is the all important Christmas Party Games. You will be amazed how much the party games can add to the enjoyment of all the guests, not just the children.

    Party games really do make a party memorable. They are easy to do and you don't need too many of them.

    Plan which games are most suitable for the age of your guests. Make sure you have enough space at your venue for the chosen party game. And make sure that you buy whatever props and things that the party games require.

    For competition games, make sure that you have a small prize for the winners… that always goes down well.

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    Warmest Wishes


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