July the 4th Party Supplies
Everything You Need

July the 4th is a day to celebrate, especially if you're American! But you don't have to be American to have a July 4th Party!

Keep reading to find out what 4th July party supply products you will need, and where to find them.

And when planning your party, don't forget to include some fun game and activities to celebrate this special day.

July The 4th
The color theme for July the 4th is Red White and Blue of course, this comes from the colors of the American flag.

There is a wide choice of party supplies that you will need.

So when planning your 4th July party, I think the easiest thing to do is to break it down into simple categories, and work through each category, one at a time.

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  • The Invitations.
  • The Decorations for the room/setting venue.
  • The Table setting.
  • The Favors (if required).
  • The Costumes to be worn.
  • The Games that you will play.
  • The Party Food
  • July the 4th Party Supplies

    The Invitations

    If you're having a July the 4th party the first thing that you have to do is get the invitations out. I like the Firework Invitations perfect for the July 4th party since fireworks are such a tradition, and the red, white and blue color works too.

    You can also personalize your invitations with Custom Creation Invitations, simply use your own photos. Maybe you have a good 4th July party photo from last year that you can use!

    All of these party invitations can easily be found at Shindigz.com...Great Party Supplies at Low Prices

    The Party Decorations

    You can keep your party decorations simple or go all the way with the wide range of July the 4th party decorations to choose from.

    I suggest that the more guest you're having, the bigger the venue therefore the bigger the number of decorations you will need.

    Let's start with the outside of your July the 4th party venue....

    You can fly the American Flag Kit with Pole at the front and line the driveway with Small American Flags. Add a Personalized Banner to complete the picture.

    Use the Patriotic Balloon Arch or Star Arch at the entrance. A perfect spot to take photos of your guest as they arrive.

    If the party extends to the evening, I recommend the Lighted Celestial Patriotic Arch This 7’ high x 6’ 2” wide arch features 100 string lights along the edge and includes red and blue stars, to really wow your guests, and it's easy to assemble.

    Use the Patriotic Decorating Kit, which is made of weather resistant plastic and includes a total of twelve red, white and blue patriotic decorations, including a 20 foot Stars and Stripes Fringe Bannera 30 foot Plastic Bunting, a 15 foot Pennant Banner, a 65 inch Door Decoration and 8 size 15 inch Plastic Bows. Everything you need!

    All of these party invitations can easily be found at Shindigz.com...Great Party Supplies at Low Prices

    Now what about the inside....

    Decorate the inside with Patriotic Hanging Swirls add some Patriotic Balloons Imprinted latex balloons, available in blue, red or clear with a Fireworks motif on the Balloons , size 16".

    Decorate the mantle piece or stair rail with Patriotic Garland and use the Patriotic Reflections Decorating Kit which features an assortment of metallic red, white, blue and silver patriotic decorations. Each metallic patriotic kit includes a total of twenty-eight decorations.

    You can use the Personalized Couple Stand In as decoration and a fun photo activity. This cardboard standee is 6 feet 2 inches high x 2 feet 10 inches wide and features a colorful mural front with your own message, and it's easy to assemble..

    All of these party supplies can easily be found at Shindigz.com...Great Party Supplies at Low Prices

    The Table Setting

    You can design your own look, and purchase any of the products individually or you can purchase everything that you need in one kit. I really like the Old Glory Kit-N-Kaboodle, because you can save up to 40% when you buy the Old Glory Kit-N-Kaboodle instead of buying each item separately. There is a basic and a deluxe version available. The deluxe version comes with a banner, balloons, streamers and ribbon.

    Although this comes in a party pack for 8, you can add extra items if needed, or simply buy multiple packs as required! Check it out at Shindigz.com...Great Party Supplies at Low Prices

    Table Top Covers.

    Cover your tables with red, white and blue. You can create your very own look. Start with the table cover, use just 1 bold color or choose a design with all 3 colors. You can get designs with the American Flag, stars, stripes and even fireworks on them.


    Now the napkins can have the same design, or you may choose to contrast the colors. For example, you can have a red tablecloth, blue napkins and red paper plates. You may choose to follow a theme and choose a design that is the same as the paper plates and cups.

    The patriotic tableware works well for this idea and is very popular for July the 4th. I think they work well with either a red, white or blue table cover.

    All of these party supplies can easily be found at Shindigz.com...Great Party Supplies at Low Prices

    Paper plates and cups and cutlery.

    Think about what size plates you will need. This will depend on the type of food that you're servicing. There are plastic and paper plates available in all 3 bold colors, as well as stars and stripes and the Old Glory design which is perfect for the July the 4th celebration. You can choose to have round or square designs and they come in dinner plate as well as desert plate sizes..

    Don't forget about your knives forks and spoons, again they come in all of the 3 bold colors and as part of the Old Glory Kit-N-Kaboodle pack.

    Table Centrepiece

    Your table won't be complete with out a centrepiece. I really like the This Star Gleam n' Burst Centerpiece is a great addition to any patriotic table. Each Star Gleam n' Burst Centerpiece is 15 inches tall and includes red, white and blue star bursts in a foil base. I think it looks like a firework. It is very cheap, so if you have a long table you can easily get several of them.

    I also like the Festive Flag Razzamatazz centrepiece. This one adds a patriotic flair to your 4th of July tables with a festive mylar centerpiece. Fun American flags are accented by a spray of red, white and blue foil stars.  14" h. It comes recommended as being the talk of the table.

    Don't forget to check out the the Old Glory Kit-N-Kaboodle instead of buying each item separately. You can save up to 40% when you buy the kit rather than all your table setting items separately.

    All of these party supplies can easily be found at Shindigz.com...Great Party Supplies at Low Prices

    The Favors

    As each guest arrives you could give them an Old Glory Skimmer Hat and an American Leis The kids will love the Flags on Staffs and Patriotic Pin Wheels

    If your party is going into the evening, don't forget to get the Patriotic Red, White & Blue Glow Necklaces and Party Sparkler

    Fill the Patriotic Paper Bags with a Patriotic Yo Yo and Min Patriotic Coloring Books for the kids as well as lollies and candy from Candy.com

    Personalized Candy Bar Favors are great idea for all ages.

    All of these party supplies can easily be found at Shindigz.com...Great Party Supplies at Low Prices

    The Costumes

    I recommend checking out Costume Craze as they have a variety of holiday costumes perfect for the fourth of July.

    You could go as Lady Liberty or Lady Gaga in the American Flag costume. And for the men, there is Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Uncle Sam!

    Don't forget the kids....they have costumes for them too including, Colonial Boy, Ben Franklin and Pilgrim Girl and many more.

    The Party Games

    I highly recommend adding a few party games to your July the 4th party, and there are so many games to choose from. Select from these fun party games suitable for your 4th July party.

    The Party Food

    Keep it simple is a motto I use often. So when it comes to food for your July the 4th party keep it simple. Many parties will be held out doors, it's summer in America after all, and many families and friends will be catching up in the back garden, the local park or even down at the beach.

    Think Barbecue, we Aussies love em too!

    Get a meat and a fish tray and cook it up on the BBQ.

    Think Hot Dogs, another easy to prepare and easy to eat food that even the kids will love.

    Corn on the cob, Fried potatoes all can be cooked on the BBQ.

    Prepare salads in advance; Green salad, Potato salad, Bean Salad, Pasta salad.

    And don't forget to grab your paper plates, napkins and cutlery!

    4th July Parades

    Parades are traditional in most cities throughout America. You can attend your local parade in the morning and have your personal celebration in the city or town park nearby.

    Have your own fancy dress costume parade. This is great if you have lots of kids attending. Learn how to do this and more parade ideas here...

    4th July Fireworks

    The end of the day, and the sky lights up with an abundance of fireworks. Many cities and towns throughout America will have a fireworks display . Legislation is very tight around fireworks so most states and many other countries will not allow fireworks. Find out more about July the 4th fireworks and how you can enjoy them too…

    Thank you for visiting this page which is dedicated to helping you celebrate July the 4th in style.

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    I used your switch the garter game idea for my sisters engagement party as well as the Donut and the carrot game. I have never laughed so much, it was hilerios. My sister didnt know what I had planned she loved it. Thanks.

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    Zahara M, USA

    Thanks for the party ideas Katherine.We played your game "Find The Cat" at our housewarming party, only we have a pet rabbit called Bob. We took photos of him and hid them around the house. It really did liven up the party having everyone looking for Bobs pictures. It got everyone talking.

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