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Baby Shower Games are so much fun and easy to do. Take a look at these suggestions and add a few into your special day.

Don't forget your baby showers invitations Personalized Baby Shower Napkins and favors, put them all together to guarantee a successful party, full of fun and laughter. Let me show you how....

First Things First

This is truly a girls only event!

Traditionally, baby showers are held for the mum to be, usually in the afternoon or on the weekend. Often it is a relative or close friend who will organize the baby shower.

Baby Shower Games Afternoon tea is traditionally served, so you will need to think about the catering. Mixed sandwiches, pastries and cakes always go down well, and are easy to prepare.

Sometimes the venue is the home of the mum to be, but this may not be practical.

Alternatively, chose a venue such as a restaurant, function room or country club. Often, the mother of the mum to be, or the close friend will be the hostess of the party, and they may use their own home.

There are plenty of party supplies outlets that you can use for the decorations and table setting.

Image: Jonathan Fitch / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Once the venue and guest list has been formed, it's time to send out the baby shower invitation. You may want to personalize them with baby photos of the mum to be. Alternatively, there is a wide range of stationary available that specially caters for invitations.

The name Baby Shower, comes from the term "showering of gifts," and so it is expected that the guests will bring gifts. At the end of the baby shower, the mum to be will open her gifts for all to see. Appropriate oohing and ah-ring is customary!

Bridal favors have increased in popularity in recent years. The Baby shower favor is a small gift that the mum to be will give to each guest, as a memento of the occasion. The cost will vary depending on the budget of the hostess.

Baby Shower and Announcement favors starting at $1.29. Customize by choosing candy, adding icons, own photos and text. Ships next day. Certified OU Kosher.

Examples would be, soft toy, a key ring, hand lotion etc. If you're a talented creative person, you may want to create something that's personal. For example, jewelery or biscuits or whatever your thing is.

I'm not so good at the craft making stuff myself, but I'm always impressed when I receive something from someone else.

I attended a beautiful baby shower last year which involved a candle ceremony. All the guests bought a candle with them. After the food was served, the hostess, (not the mum to be), started by lighting her candle and speaking to the mum to be. She spoke about what she wishes for the mum to be and her new baby.

The hostess would then light the next guests candle from her own, family members fist. The process was repeated until the final guest lit the mum to be's candle. All the candles were placed onto the table and the mum to be, thanked the guests for their well wishes and their gifts, which she then opened.

It was a beautiful experience and I highly recommend it.

Baby Shower Games

You don't need to go overboard on the baby shower games. You will probably only have time for 2-3 games, since there are other activities such as eating all the yummy food and gift opening and the candle ceremony if you choose to do it.

The prizes should be small tokens such as scented soap, hand cream, scented candles or chocolates.

Take a look at these 75 unique Baby Shower Printable Games! They're beautifully done and available to you in 5 minutes!

Getting to Know You - Nappy Pin Game

This is a great ice breaker game for a baby shower, especially when the guests don't know each other. It gets everyone mixing and talking.

You will need: A nappy pin for everyone.

Object of the game: Apart from getting to know each other, is to collect as many nappy pins from the other guests as possible.


  • Hand out the nappy pins to all the guests on arrival.
  • Ask them to attach the nappy pin to their clothes, at the shoulder/top of arm.
  • Tell the guests to mix and mingle around the room asking and answering questions with each other.
  • They are not allowed to use the words baby or any variation of the word e.g. bub, bubby.
  • If anyone uses the forbidden words, they must hand over their pin to the other person.
  • The winner is the person with all the pins at the end of the baby shower.
  • Alternatively, you could use clothes pegs instead of pins.

    Choose the 48 pc Clothespin Game ~ Pink if you know it's a girl. Or choose 48 pc Clothespin Game ~ Blue if it's a boy. Don't know?....then get both!

    Pass The Nappy

    More fun baby shower games, this is a traditional kids birthday party game with a baby twist. There is no need for a prize for everyone.

    You will need: A Nappy (cloth or disposable), A small bar of chocolate, melted, A small prize (appropriate inexpensive baby item or a solid bar of chocolate!), kids music.

    Object of the game: The guest who is left holding the dirty nappy wins the special prize.


  • Before the party starts melt the chocolate and poor into the nappy.
  • Sit the guess in a circle and turn on the music.
  • The nappy is now passed from guest to guest until the music stops.
  • The guest holding the nappy when the music stops, is out. Watch how quickly the nappy is passed, no one wants to hold a "dirty nappy".
  • Repeat until the last guest is left holding the nappy.

  • Pin The Baby on the Belly

    Traditionally known as Pin the Donkeys Tail. The baby shower games twist here is, instead of a donkey, draw a side profile of a mum to be, on a large poster sized paper sheet. The instead of the tail, create a smaller picture of a baby. Optional prize.

    You will need: A large picture of a mum to be, side profile, with large belly. Create a smaller picture of a baby, a blindfold, Blue Tack to hold the mum to be picture securely on the wall and to stick the baby to the mum. A pen to write the guests name on the position they stuck the baby.

    Object of the game: To pin the tail on the mum to be in the correct position that's fully inside the belly! The closest guest wins.


  • Securely fix the mum to be picture onto a wall at eye level.
  • Show the first guest the picture and show them where the baby should go.
  • Blindfold the guest and hand them the baby picture.
  • Turn the guest around 3 times then put their hand on the picture of the mum to be's head.
  • Let the guest decide where they think the baby should go.
  • Once they have chosen a spot, mark the spot with their name.
  • Take the blindfold off the guest so that they can see how close they were.
  • Repeat with all the guests.
  • An alternative to this game is Pin the Pacifier on the Baby African American Girl Shower Game or the Pin the Pacifier on the Baby African American Boy Shower Game

    Caucasian babies are also available here>>> Pin the Pacifier on the Baby Caucasian Girl Shower Game

    Baby Memory Game

    This is a spin on the traditional Memory Game used in kids birthday parties.
    You will need: A covered box, a tray, a tea towel, lots of baby items, e.g. baby spoon, dummy, toy, baby scissors, breast pad, breast pump, nappy, anything baby related, this is baby shower games after all!

    Object of the game: To remember as many items on the tray as possible.


  • Start with all the baby items in the covered box.
  • Select 10 items from the box, and lay them onto the tray and cover them with the tea towel.
  • The first guest lifts the tea towel and looks at the items, and tries to memorize them.
  • After 1 minute cover the tray with the tea towel.
  • The guest then has to recall all of the items that were on the tray.
  • Repeat with each guest, and switch some of the items from those that are in the covered box.
  • When all the guests have had a go, count up the score to find a winner.

  • Baby Bingo

    It's a good idea to use baby shower games for when there are a lot of guests, because there will be a lot of presents too. The presents can take for ever to open, its yawn time for most people. Try this baby shower game while the mum to be to be opens her presents. This will keep the guest entertained.

    You will need: Blank Bingo cards for each guest,(9 squares). Pens or pencils for each guest. A small prize.

    Object of the game:The first guest to get 3 gifts in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally wins.


  • Hand out the bingo cards.
  • Have the guests write the name of their gift into the centre of their card.
  • Have the guests, fill in the remaining 8 boxes with what they think the other guests have bought
  • As the mum to be reveals her gifts, the guests, if they have guessed correctly, can cross off their bingo cards
  • The first guest to cross off 3 gifts in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally wins.
  • Alternatively, you could get the pre-made Baby Shower Bingo Game, which has pretty pink and blue cards already to go. This is an easy game that everyone can join in.

    Blind Nappy Race

    This is one of the really fun baby shower games to play where everyone gets to put their nappy changing skills to the test. It's also an opportunity for the Mum to be, to get some helpful tips on how to change a nappy.

    You will need: A doll that is large enough to wear a nappy, a cloth nappies, a couple of nappy pins, a blindfold, a timer, pen and paper.

    Object of the game:The guest who puts the nappy correctly on the doll the fastest, wins.


  • Hand the doll, the nappy and the pins to the first guest.
  • Blind fold her.
  • Start the timer as you say Go.
  • Record the time on the paper.
  • Pass the doll to the next guest and repeat the process.

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    I used your switch the garter game idea for my sisters engagement party as well as the Donut and the carrot game. I have never laughed so much, it was hilerios. My sister didnt know what I had planned she loved it. Thanks.

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    What a lovely web site you have. I love the fact that you have lots of free games ideas. Im going to use your idea of having a candle ceremony and use your baby bingo game for my friends baby shower next month.

    Zahara M, USA

    Thanks for the party ideas Katherine.We played your game "Find The Cat" at our housewarming party, only we have a pet rabbit called Bob. We took photos of him and hid them around the house. It really did liven up the party having everyone looking for Bobs pictures. It got everyone talking.

    Kelli, Melbourne

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