Blind man's bluff

by Anonymous

This game is for at least six players and is best played in an outside area without any dangerous things to run into.

To play this game,you will need a blindfold big enough to cover a players eyes and tie behind their head.

You will also want a grown up to supervise carefully so no one goes out of the game boundaries.

First, choose one player to go first. Blindfold the player, and spin him or her around three times so they are a bit disoriented. Make sure they can't see a thing.

Then,they have to try and catch another player. To do this, they should hold their arms out in front of them and say blind man and everyone should answer bluff.

When someone is tagged,the blindfolded player has to guess who it is. If they are right,then the blindfold is switched to them. If they are wrong, then they have to find another player.

The game can go on until everyone has had a turn to be blindfolded.

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Jan 08, 2018
Excellent game
by: Anonymous

This is a great game. You explained the rules so clearly and accurately. It is an excellent game for ages 6-8. Thanks for the good directions.

Oct 02, 2017
Thanks For sharing
by: Katherine

This is a fun game. I've played it many times myself. The young kids love it.

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