Bridal Shower Games - Here Is The Best, Simple Advice On How To Make Your Bridal Shower Games Work Well.

Bridal Shower Games - First things first...

The basic format of a Bridal Shower hasn't changes since the tradition started, back in the late 19th century. It is usually a girls only event, the boys have their own tradition in the form of the Bachelor Party.

However, these days there are no strict rules, and some brides to be like have the men included. Your decision will affect what theme and which bridal shower games you will play.

The custom of gift giving for the bride to be, was more about providing financial assistance for the wedding to take place, rather than to furnish the new home.

I had never been to a Bridal Shower in the UK since it isn't a tradition there. This may have changed, I've been in Australia for 20 years now! However, here in Australia, we have been influenced by America, where the practice of bridal showers has been widespread since the 1930's. We Australian love a good Bridal Shower.

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Bridal Shower Games Traditionally, the Maid of Honor would be the hostess, and therefore responsible for the event, including the all important Bridal Shower Games.

The Shower is normally held about 4-6 weeks before the Wedding, and is much less formal than a Wedding shower or a baby Shower. Bridal Shower invitations are less formal too. You can formalize them if you wish, but I have receive very nice email versions which work just as well!

The Bridal Shower normally lasts 2-3 hours. Light refreshments in the form of afternoon tea is usually provided by the hostess. You can easily slot in a couple of fun bridal shower games.

There are plenty of party supplies outlets that you can use for the decorations and table setting.

Check out my new Party People page, which lists suppliers for all your party needs, whether it's party plates and napkins, costumes, decorations and party favors, gifts and toys, you will find everything you need here...

For a much more informal approach, the Australian way, would be to ask everyone to "bring a plate". This actually means, bring a plate of food, not an empty plate. As a new Australian 20 years ago, I asked the hostess if I needed to bring food. She said NO, just bring a plate, so I embarrassing!

Since the ritual of the Bridal shower is to prepare the bride to be for her role as wife and homemaker, traditional gifts would be for the kitchen and the bedroom. It follows too, that the Bridal Shower Games would also be themed around the kitchen and the bedroom.

Themes for Bridal Showers

Themes to consider for a Bridal Shower would be:

  • Lingerie party.
  • Adult toy party.
  • Cooking party.
  • Kitchenware party such as Tupperware
  • Spa Day
  • Jewelery party
  • Make sure your bride to be is wearing her Bachelorette Party Veil! And that all the guests have their Bachelorette Party ID Buttons! Much fun can be had at all, especially if you plan some of these Bridal Shower Games listed below.

    Bridal Shower Games

    Remember you only have to select a few to include. The party will last 2-3 hours and there are other activities, such as eating yummy food and opening of the gifts, that will take up some time.

    Getting to Know You - Clothes Peg Game

    This is a great ice breaker game for a bridal shower, especially when the guests don't know each other. It gets everyone talking.

    You will need: A clothes peg for everyone, a small prize.

    Object of the game: Apart from getting to know each other, the aim is to collect as many clothes pegs from the other guests as possible.


  • Hand out the clothes peg to all the guests on arrival.
  • Ask them to attach the clothes peg to their upper clothes.
  • Tell the guests to mix and mingle around the room asking and answering questions with each other.
  • They are not allowed to use the words bride or wedding any variation of the word.
  • If anyone uses the forbidden words, they must hand over their peg to the other person.
  • The winner is the person with all the pegs at the end of the bridal shower.

  • Penis Pinata Game

    If you fancy having fun beating a giant penis then go get this Penis Pinata Bachelorette Party Kit at!, it comes with a dick stick, 8 loot bags and 2 blind folds. Totally Awesome!

    Who Am I

    A bridal shower games ice breaker which is great to use at the start of the party.

    You will need: A name of a famous person written clearly on a party hat, create as many famous name hats as there are guests. E.g. The Queen, Marilyn Munro, Santa Clause.

    If you're doing a themed party say cooking, then select famous celebrity chef names. For an adult toy party choose sexy film star names.

    Object of the game:Everyone to guess who they are.


  • On arrival, place the hats on the guest head without them seeing what famous name is written on it.
  • Guests must mix and mingle with the other guests and ask questions to find out who they are.
  • Questions can only be answered with Yes or No. For e.g. Am I a living person?, Am I a cartoon character?
  • Once all the guests have arrived, or at a set time, the guests sit in a circle and take it in turns to say who they think they are.

  • Unique & Unusual Bridal Shower Games

    Choose from a whole selection of super fun printable party games such as "How To Be A Good Wife" What's She Thinking?" and "Wedding What If's" to name a few. All printable and ready to use.

    Printable Bridal Shower Games for Teams & Pairs

    "Wedding Taboo" and "Bridal Jeopardy" as well as "Bridal Shower Charades and Pictionary" will have your guests rolling around with laughter.

    Pole Dancing Dance Party Competition

    Create your own fun at home with the all time Favorite Stripper Pole! Sexy costumes a must for all your guests, see who can use the pole the best with this sturdy easy to install professional dance pole.

    Toilet Roll Wedding Dress

    This is a hilarious bridal shower game which is ideal if there are enough people to break into 2 or 3 teams of at least 3 people.

    You will need: A Toilet Roll for each team, a watch to time the game. Small prize for the winning team.

    Object of the game:To create the bride to be's wedding dress.


  • Divide the guests into teams.
  • Hand out the toilet roll, explain the goal of the game, and what they need to do.
  • After 20 minutes they must stop.
  • The bride to be, will judge the best dress

  • Brides Bingo

    If there are a lot of guests, then there will be a lot of presents. The presents can take for ever to open, its yawn time for most people. Try this bridal shower game while the bride to be opens her presents. This will keep the guest entertained.

    You will need: Blank Bingo cards for each guest,(9 squares). Pens or pencils for each guest. A small prize.

    Object of the game:The first guest to get 3 gifts in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally wins.


  • Hand out the bingo cards.
  • Have the guests write the name of their gift into the center of their card.
  • Have the guests, fill in the remaining 8 boxes with what they think the other guests have bought
  • As the bride to be reveals her gifts, the guests, if they have guessed correctly, can cross off their bingo cards
  • The first guest to cross off 3 gifts in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally wins.
  • For Bingo Bridal Shower Games that are printable and ready to use you can't go wrong with this selection. There is even one in Spanish!

    The Doughnut and the Carrot

    As mentioned earlier, some bridal showers do include the men, and in particular the groom. This is a fun game which all the couples could play, but always start with the bride to be and her future groom.

    You will need: Packet of ring doughnuts, a carrot, a chair, a blindfold.

    Object of the game:For the bride to be to get her doughnut onto the groom to be's carrot.


  • Sit the groom to be, on a chair, holding his carrot.
  • Blindfold the bride to be, and give her one of the doughnuts.
  • The groom to be must direct his bride to be, towards him. He must then guide her to get her doughnut onto his carrot
  • If you want some drinking games for your bachelorette party here are some fun games that you can easily print and play.

    Recipe for Love

    You will need: A nicely decorated book like a journal that can be written in. You could put a picture of the bride to be and her groom on the front cover. pens.

    Object of the game:To create a "cook book" of love recipes.


  • As each guest arrives, ask them to write some words of wisdom regarding how to stay in love and keep the passion alive in their marriage.
  • Present the completed book to the bride to be/couple at the end of the bridal shower, and ask her to read out some of the words.
  • And something for the guests to take home so that they remember this special event, order some Wedding favors starting at $1.29. Customize by choosing candy, adding icons, own photos and text. Ships next day. Certified OU Kosher. so simple and yet so special.

    I hope that you have enjoyed reading my web page on Bridal Shower Games and have got some ideas from it to help make your bridal shower a great success.

    Book mark this page to help you find more exciting fun party games for your next event.

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    I used your switch the garter game idea for my sisters engagement party as well as the Donut and the carrot game. I have never laughed so much, it was hilerios. My sister didnt know what I had planned she loved it. Thanks.

    T.J. Monterey

    What a lovely web site you have. I love the fact that you have lots of free games ideas. Im going to use your idea of having a candle ceremony and use your baby bingo game for my friends baby shower next month.

    Zahara M, USA

    Thanks for the party ideas Katherine.We played your game "Find The Cat" at our housewarming party, only we have a pet rabbit called Bob. We took photos of him and hid them around the house. It really did liven up the party having everyone looking for Bobs pictures. It got everyone talking.

    Kelli, Melbourne

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