Catch and Pull Tug of War

by Jason

This game is good for large groups of kids. Best played in a large space such as a garden, park, beach or large gym hall.

Split the kids into 2 teams of equal numbers. Mark out a line across the middle of the playing space. One group of kids on one side of the line and the other group of kids stand on the other side of the line.

The aim of the game is to catch hold of an opponent, by grabbing any part of their body, their hand, arm, or foot, by reaching over the line and by pulling them across the line to the other side.

Several players can try to grab a hold of the opponent and any number can come to their rescue and try to stop them from being pulled over the line.

A player does not belong to the other team until their entire body has been pulled over the line. They must then join the other team in trying to secure players from across the line.

The team which has the largest number of players at the end of a set time wins the game.

My 10 year old twin boys love this game, we played it at their birthday party, mostly boys from their class at school.

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