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Christmas is a time for family and close friends to get together, share some food, and comment on how much the children have grown!

There is often a high expectation of what Christmas will bring, and for many, unfortunately their expectations will not be met.

For some families, Christmas can be a difficult and a stressful time. Some family members are easier to talk to than others, and some family members will just seat themselves in front of the TV and not talk to anyone. The kids often have too much sugar and run a muck, and poor mum is usually the one who is stuck in the kitchen, working her butt off!

Does some of this sound familiar?

I can relate to this myself, since as a kid growing up in England, every Christmas blended into the next. It was very much like the scenario I described above. As an adult, I discovered that I was not alone, I've heard similar stories from my own friends, uneventful boring Christmas parties.

But the good news is that it doesn't have to be like that!

This Christmas is going to be different, because you're going to do things differently.

This Christmas everybody is going to have fun, because at your Christmas party, you're going to get everybody out of their chairs, away from the TV, mixing and mingling with each other, AND talking…..yes, talking to each other!

How are you going to do this?…….. easily, by including some fun Christmas Party Games.

Your family and friends will be playing games, telling funny Christmas Jokes, doing Christmas activities that are fun, easy to do, and will make them laugh. Your Christmas party is going to be the best Christmas party that they have ever had.

Christmas Party Games

Christmas Who Am I

This is a fun ice breaker Christmas party game to use at the start of the party.

You will need: A name of a well known Christmas character written clearly on a party hat, create as many well known Christmas character name hats as there are guests. E.g. Frosty The Snowman, An Elf, Santa Clause, Mrs Clause, Rudolf, Scrooge, The Grinch,

Object of the game:Everyone to guess who they are.


  • On arrival, place the hats on the guest head without them seeing what Christmas character name is written on it.
  • Guests must mix and mingle with the other guests and ask questions to find out who they are.
  • Questions can only be answered with Yes or No. For e.g. Am I a living person?, Am I a cartoon character?
  • Once all the guests have arrived, or at a set time, the guests sit in a circle and take it in turns to say who they think they are.
  • Pinata

    I love Pinatas and there are so many to choose from for your Christmas party games. You can't go wrong with a Christmas Pinata, so take a quick look at some of the Christmas Pinatas at Shindigz, where you can Shop Over 85 Pinatas to find the right one for you.

    It's a fun way to make sure everyone gets some lollies this Christmas.

    We had the Santa Pinata, as you can see here as one of our Christmas Party Games last year.

    Christmas Party Games - Santa Pinata

    Tis The Season, Christmas Trivia Game

    This best-selling game is a smash at Christmas parties as players or teams answer questions in six categories including movies, songs, history, television and more. From It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, and White Christmas to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, How the Grinch Stole Christmas.... and more. Tis The Season, Christmas Trivia Game can also be played with other popular trivia gameboards. Players accumulate points and earn letters to spell Christmas.

    Tis The Season, Christmas Trivia Game includes 1800 question cards and you can play individually or in teams of 2-12, making it one of the perfect family fun Christmas party games for you.

    Christmas Charades

    Turn the traditional fun game of Charades, into one of your Christmas party games, by making sure that the words chosen to be acted out, must be related to the Christmas theme.

    How To Play

  • Divide your guests into two teams. Each team takes turns. 1 player in the first team has to physically act out a word that the other team has selected and written on a piece of paper.
  • Phrases can be used instead of just 1 word, but they need to be commonly used, and usually they come from books, movies, songs or poetry.
  • Since the person acting out the word cannot speak or make any sound what so ever, they must use signals and gestures to make their teammates guess what the word or phrase is.
  • They cannot spell out the word with their finger.
  • They can make non verbal responses like nodding if their team is getting close to identifying the word or phrase.
  • The team members can ask questions.
  • A set time of usually one minute sometimes two, is used so you will need a timer.
  • Only when the exact word or phrase, as it is written on the paper is guessed, does the game end. If the word or phrase is discovered within the time frame set, then that team win a round.
  • The second team then has their go. The same rules apply. Each person in the teams rotate until everyone has had a turn acting out the word or phrase.
  • Use a flip chart or notepad to keep track of which team wins a round and which one doesn't. The team winning the most rounds when everyone had had a turn acting out a word/phrase, wins.
  • Common Signals Typically Used To Play The Game Of Charades.

    To establish the context of the word/phrase use the following:Person

    The player stands with hands on hips.


    The player pretends to hold a paper and pretends to read the poem.


    The player pretends to be the animal by making their actions, (hopping like a rabbit, jumping like a kangaroo)

    Book Title

    The player unfolds his/her hands as if they were a book.

    Movie Title

    The player pretends to crank an old-fashioned

    A Theatrical Play Title

    The player pretends to pull the rope that opens a theatre curtain, or places both hands out, palms facing the audience and touching at the thumbs, and draws them apart like a theatre curtain.

    Song Title

    The player pretends to sing.

    Television Show

    The player draws a rectangle to outline the TV screen.

    Quote or phrase

    The player makes quotation marks in the air with his/her fingers.


    The player makes a circle with one hand, then points to it, as if pointing to a dot on a map.


    The player points to his/her wrist as if he/she was wearing a watch. Alternatively, he/she holds his/her hands up beside his/her head and makes "spirit fingers" (waving fingers back and forth frantically) simulating confetti or a crowd in the background.

    Computer Game

    The player uses both hands out stretched move thumbs like using a game pad.


    The player holds his/her hand out, palm down, horizontal to the ground (as if holding a computer mouse). He/she then moves his/her wrist around as if moving the cursor in the computer.

    Other Charade Gestures Used Include:

    Sounds Like

    The player uses their hand to tug at their ear lobe.


    The player points to their eye.

    Small or Smaller

    The player holds their thumb and index finger close together but not touching.

    Larger or Larger

    The player opens their arms out stretched as far as they can.

    Christmas Dinner Left-Right Game

    Tired of arguing about who does the dishes? Play this great Christmas Dinner Left-Right Christmas party game! It may not be the RIGHT person for the job, but the cook won't be LEFT with the task...There are treats as well as forfeits to win in this great after Christmas dinner Right-Left game. Any number of players of any age can join in, so there are no excuses!

    Christmas Printables

    Printable Christmas games are a quick and easy way to to add fun to your party. They are environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and instantly downloaded to your in box.

    I have dedicated a whole page on these great games ideas because there are so many to choose from. It doesn't matter how many guests you have, or whether guests turn up unexpected, because you can simply print off more game cards if required. These games are specially tailored to be Christmas party games.

    So, if it's Christmas trivia, puzzles, scavenger hunts or even a kissing game, whatever you need, there's a printable Christmas party game here for you....


    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! so get your lights up, your presents wrapped, gather family and friends, and pop the lid off Christmas-opoly

    Watch out Players! You may be run over by a reindeer! Be nice...or you may end up with a lump of coal! To play, collect Christmas properties, increase your property value by buying presents and trading them in for a Christmas tree.

    It's all fun and games until someone blows a fuse, gets snowed in, or gets sent to Naughty and is out of the game for three turns! Whatever happens...YOU BETTER NOT POUT! Christmas-opoly is a game to celebrate the season!

    Great for 2 - 6 players, ages 8 and up. It includes directions for traditional play and for the one hour version as well! This game is recommended for ages 8 and older and for 2-6 players.

    Gift Unwrapping Game

    Some preparation required if you choose this as one of your Christmas party games, but the fun and laughter you get will be worth the while. In this game, individuals compete against each other in a race to open their present. But there is a small hitch, the guests must be wearing mittens…..and the gift is wrapped 3 times!

    To prepare for this game. You will need a small gift for each competing guest, such as a bar of chocolate or small toy for children.

    Place the gift in a small box and wrap it with Christmas wrapping paper. Then put the wrapped box into another box and wrap the second box with more Christmas wrapping paper. Repeat 1 more time so that the gift is now wrapped in 3 boxes and 3 wrapping paper.

    Repeat with each of the guests gift.

    To play the game, pair up the guests, and have them compete against each other to be the first to open their present and find their gift. Play some Christmas music in the background while this is happening. This is a great game for younger children as everyone ends up with a gift.

    You can make this game harder for older kids and adults....just add a blindfold!

    Christmas Party Game - White Elephant Gift Giving Game

    Here's a fun way to give out presents this year.

    The twist is that you may not get what you chose....Watch this video for details....

    Adult Drinking Games  

    The adults who like a drink at Christmas, might want to play some drinking Christmas party games once the kids are safely tucked up in bed.

    If you need some help with this, you can get a complete Adult Drinking Games Set which includes 1 game booklet and 1 deck of cards as well as a set of 2 dice, 2 shot glasses and 2 game coins, which will give you everything that you need to have some adult fun with your favorite drink.   

    Memory Game

    This is one of my recommended Christmas party games that will test your guest memories.

    You will need: A covered box, a tray, a tea towel, lots of Christmas items, for example: Christmas bauble, a piece of wrapping paper, tinsel, a toy, a model of a snowman, Christmas stocking, mince pie, a model of a Santa, picture of a Christmas tree, a paper snowflake etc.

    Object of the game: To remember as many Christmas items on the tray as possible.


  • Start with all the Christmas items in the covered box.
  • Select 10 items from the box, and lay them onto the tray and cover them with the tea towel.
  • The first guest lifts the tea towel and looks at the items, and tries to memorise them.
  • After 1 minute cover the tray with the tea towel.
  • The guest then has to recall all of the items that were on the tray.
  • Repeat with each guest, and switch some of the items from those that are in the covered box.
  • When all the guests have had a go, count up the score to find a winner.
  • Alternative:For younger children. Children have to guess which Christmas item is missing from the tray.

  • Start with all the Christmas items in the covered box.
  • Select 10 items from the box, and lay them onto the tray and cover them with the tea towel.
  • The first child lifts the tea towel and looks at the Christmas items, and tries to memorise them.
  • After 1 minute cover the tray with the tea towel.
  • Secretly remove 1 or 2 Christmas items.
  • The child has to guess which Christmas item is missing from the tray.
  • Santa Says

    You will need: No Props required if you choose this fun Christmas party games idea. It is taken from the well known game "Simon Says," simply substitute with "Santa"

    Object of the game: Only follow the instructions that Santa Says.


  • Stand in-front of the guests who are also standing.
  • The guests have to copy your actions when you say "Santa Says" before the instruction.
  • If you don't say "Santa Says" before the instruction, the children must not copy your action.
  • If they do the action, then they are out.
  • For example "Santa Says Clap your hands"...and everyone claps
  • Other actions to use:

  • Hopping.
  • Jumping.
  • Put hands on head.
  • Sit down.
  • Turn around in a circle.
  • Put hands on your hips.
  • Do star jumps.

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    Have a safe and Happy Christmas, which of course you will now that you know what Christmas party games you will have!

    Thanks for visiting Christmas Party Games, I hope you have found some great ideas for your Christmas party.

    If you like what you have read here, then don't forget to click the "Like Button" and tell your friends and family where you got your Christmas Party Games ideas from.

    Merry Christmas To You All

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