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Fun Party Game.

Dodgeball is a fun, active party game. You can play this fun party game at older kids and adult parties. It is suitable for all occasions.

Complete instructions including a how to play video can be seen below. Please scroll down.

But first, I have provided a simplified version of this game for younger players, which can easily be used for kids parties.

Dodge Ball For Kids

This is an easy game to play. You only need lots of people and 1 soft dodgeball . All ages can play however with mixed ages, grown ups need to be careful with the much younger players.

To start, 1 player is chosen to be the thrower of the ball. They have to throw the ball into the group of players and try and hit as many players as they can, with the ball.

Once the ball has touched a player, that player then joins the ball thrower. This team of 2 now throw the ball through the group of players to each other. As players get touched by the ball, they then join the ball throwers on the outside.

The players in the middle must try and dodge the ball as best they can. Eventually there will be most of the players, who have been touched by the ball, forming a ring around the players that have not been touched by the ball, (if they're smart- game tip!).

Play continued until finally only 1 player will remain in the circle that has been formed by those players, now all throwers of the ball, who are forming a ring around the last person standing...who is the winner!

How to play a safe game of dodgball, by following the rules and directions of the referee.

Use an approved Dodgeball such as this Champion Sports Rhino Skin Dodgeball SetKickballs)

These are the official game balls for several dodgeball leagues, each Dodgeballs measure 6" each - perfect for all sizes. They have a sting-free surface that will not harm younger players. They have a tough outer skin is ideal for indoor and outdoor play

Balls offer excellent bounce characteristics, play qualities and durability for both indoor and outdoor use.

These very popular Rhino Skin balls are constructed of durable foam rubber and are coated with a long lasting, tough, tear resistant surface.

Rhino Skin balls are easily cleaned and can be disinfected.Excellent for all age groups.

Dodgeball For Serious Players.

Objective of the Game:

To eliminate the players on the other team. The two teams play at the same time. Once a team has lost all their players, the team with the remaining player(s) wins the game.

This video show you how to play the game of Dodgeball. There are a number important rules which are explained in the video below.

Written instructions are also provided below the video, use both for best effect.

To Begin The Game: The Opening Rush - Activating The Ball.

  • 6 of the dodgeballs are placed evenly spaced along the centre line . The team players line up at the backlines on their side of the court. The teams must only take the 3 dodgeballs that are on the right side of the centre line. The balls must be activated before they can be thrown into play.
  • Once the game starts, both teams run to the centre line to retrieve their 3 dodgeballs and activate them.
  • To activate the ball, the players can either:
  • 1) Take the balls back to their backline.

    2) Throw the balls to their team members.

    3) Throw the balls against the back wall and back to the player.

    The opening rush is the only time players are allowed to step over the center line.

    Playing The Game

  • Once the ball has been activated, it is a live ball. The player can throw the live ball across the centre line, in an attempt to hit the opposing player. The ball can hit the player anywhere on their body, including their clothes.
  • Please note, that targeting and hitting the opponents head is discouraged, as it is not sportsmanlike. Although some rules allow the head hit as a count, for your party, you may decide not to allow the head hit as a count, this will help to discourage team players trying it.
  • If the ball hits several players, only the first player hit is considered out.
  • The ball becomes a dead ball once it has hit someone, hit the floor or a wall.
  • If a player throws a ball after being hit, the thrown ball is dead, and so does not count as a hit if it touches an opposing player.
  • If 2 opposing players throw the ball and hit each other at the same time, both players are out.
  • If the player that is hit, manages to catch the ball before it touches the floor, then the opponent that threw the ball is also out.
  • If a player is hit and is therefor out, a team player can catch the ball before it touches the floor to prevent it from becoming dead.
  • A player is also out if the ball is knocked out of their hands by an attacking ball or if the attacking ball hits his/her fingers in a defensive attempt.
  • If a ball is caught by an opposing team member then the player is out.
  • In the situation above, the opposing team can renew an ‘out’ player. The ‘out’ player must come back in the order he/she was knocked out of the game.
  • The returning player becomes a live player once they step back onto the court and touch the back line or wall to activate themselves.  The returning player is not allowed to pick up or touch any dodgeballs before touching the wall. If this happens, the ball must be dropped immediately and any hits to the opponent do not count.
  • A player can only return into the game if they on the sidelines at the time a teammate has caught a ball. A player who is in transit on the way to the sidelines will not be allowed to come back into play unless they are already on the sidelines.
  • A returning player is immune from any hits until they have released themselves from touching the back line or wall, however, they must not intentionally delay or hesitate coming back into play.
  • Players can defend themselves from being hit by using the dodgball as a shield. If a live ball bounces from the ball that has been used as a shield, then hits another player, that player is out. If the ball hits the fingers of the player trying to use a ball as a shield, then they are out.
  • If a ball is knocked out of the hands of a player by another ball, then that player is out.

  • Final Play - Sudden Death

  • When only one player from each team remain on the court. After a ten second count-down has expired and if no one is eliminated, sudden death begins.
  • The game is stopped and the remaining players will start with two dodgeballs in their hands; two dodgeballs will also be placed at each end of the court.
  • In sudden death, there are no centre line boundaries.
  • The game will end once one player is eliminated. Lastly, the ball must be thrown in order to eliminate the other player, tagging is not allowed as it does not give the opposing player a chance to catch the ball.

  • End of the Game

    Shake hands and congratulate your teammates and the opposing team.


  • There is a minimum of four referees each game. Games do not commence unless all refs are in position.
  • To maintain consistency, two refs are expected to watch one team, while the other two refs watch the other team.  Team captains are required to ref and must designate a team member as the other ref. Refs must not ref their own teams.
  • Players are responsible for enforcing the rules on their own and self-reffing.
  • The referees decision is final and players whether they are playing are on the sidelines, they MUST obey the refs calls at all times.
  • Refs have the right to stop a game if needed to enforce or make calls. If a there is indecision, then the game will be commenced from the point before the incident happened.
  • I would like to acknowledge and thank for their video and instructional help.

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