Four corners

by Karen

For this game,you need 20-30 players to make it last long enough.

To play,you start by numbering the corners of your playing room 1-4.(a sort of large room works best)Be sure to tell the group where each corner is.

Now,one kid volunteers/is chosen to be in the middle. This person is blindfolded and brought to the center.

Next,the other kids go quietly to a corner. After about 30 seconds,they should all be in a corner.

Then, the person blindfolded calls out a number from 1-4. Anyone in this corner has to sit down. This process continues and more kids will start to be out.(the middle person can call the same corner twice in a row)

When there's 8 people left,there can only be two in a corner. When there's four people left,everyone has to be in different corners.

If the middle child calls a corner with no kids, everyone changes corners again.

The last kid left wins and gets to be in the middle next.

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Oct 02, 2017
Thanks For sharing
by: Katherine

This sounds like a great game for young kids. Especially at the age were you have to invite the whole class to the party !!

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