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Halloween Costume Competition.

It goes without saying, that all your guests should be encouraged to dress up in their best or worst Halloween costume. By doing this, the first of your activities will be the best and worst dressed competition. I do suggest small prizes, for example, slimy goo, skeleton key-ring or a bottle of Blood Wine (Make your own label and attach.) For kids make up a bottle of Ribena or red cordial.

There are heaps of places where you can hire a Halloween costume, or maybe you're clever enough to make your own, (not me!)

Don't forget if you're hosting the party you will need some scary props so take a look at some of the ideas at Halloween Central Costumes, masks, props, make-up, accessories...need I go on? Check out this site for all of your haunting needs this season. Make your Halloween Fright-full!

Halloween Face Painting / Mask Making.

Halloween party games for kids can include face painting. If you're good at this yourself then go for it. I'm not! so I would consider hiring a professional face painter. An alternative is Mask making, where the kids can come with a mask already made, for a competition. I prefer to have the kids make their own mask at the party, it's one of my favorite creative Halloween Activities, because it's fun and it keeps them busy!

This is one of the Halloween Activities that I do every year. I often do it myself, but sometimes I get a professional Halloween Face Painter to do it. My son has never looked so scary!!!

Halloween Activities - Halloween Face Painting

Halloween Printable Games

For quick and easy party games you can't go wrong with the all time favorite Halloween Party Games Pack: over 50 printables for all the family! Word games, group games, trivia and much more!

Check them out, and if you like what you see, simply print off the games that you want. I just love this simple way of providing fun games at my Halloween parties.

Jack O'Lantern Making Competition.

Last year I went to a friends Halloween party and we took a carved pumpkin to enter her "Best Jack O'Lantern" competition. This is one of my favorite Halloween activities. Unfortunately, ours didn't win, but it was so much fun to see all the creative ideas. Traditionally turnips were used, but these days people find pumpkins so much easier to carve and more accessible. Our local grocery store sold "Halloween Pumpkins," which of course were more expensive than the usual pumpkin, but they were easier to carve.

Make sure that you first cut the top of the pumpkin to make a lid, before you carve out the pumpkin flesh.

Stencils can be used to create the design of the face, and most people put a candle inside to illuminate it. Before the party, we put our Jack 'Lantern on our door step to ward off evil spirits, which is also an old English tradition.

Pumpkin carving is probably something that adults should do, since kids and sharp tools, I find, don't go well together. An alternative for the kids is to paint the pumpkin.

Another idea is to carve out potatoes, which is what we did as kids. We put the candles in them and hung many of them around the garden, it looked very pretty.

Trick or Treat.

Love it or hate it, but it is a tradition of Halloween. Trick or treating is one of the great Halloween activities for the kids, especially in America and is becoming more so in Australia too. It is always best that the kids visit the local neighborhood in a group and always with an adult. The kids first must dress up in their Halloween costume, before venturing out to collect treats, such as lollies and chocolate and sometimes money, in return for not doing a trick.

I grew up in the UK, so we didn't Trick or Treat, as it was unheard of, however, it has become more popular in the UK in recent years. I recommend that whichever country that you live in, if you live in an area where there are kids, you better have a bag of lollies ready, just in case!

Trick or treating is a fun way to start the Halloween party when there are kids present. Afterward, they arrive back home for some fun Halloween party games and food.

Apple Bobbing.

Every year when I was a child, my sisters and I would visit my grandparents with our home made scary Halloween masks. Every year my grandmother would put 3 apples into a plastic washing up bowl full of warm water, how thoughtful! We would proceed to attempt to eat the apples, with our hands behind our backs, so just using our teeth.

I can't begin to tell you how much fun it was. If you decide to do this Halloween activity, then make sure the kids do have a change of clothes, because undoubtedly they will get wet, we did every time.

For hygiene reason you may prefer to have a separate bowl for each child, or change the water between each child. However, If you don't like the idea of water all over the place or wet kids then the alternative is to hang the apples on a string.

This is known as Dry Apple Bobbing.

Apples are hung on a string. The hands are tied behind the back, so the apple can only be eaten using the teeth. Very tricky but lots of fun, especially if it is a race. Alternative foods to hang on a string which add to the fun of the Halloween party games, is scones soaked in treacle or syrup or you could try jam donuts....Yummy!

Check out this video which explains Dry Apple Bobbing....

Games for Divination.

These games are more suitable for older teenage Halloween party or adult Halloween party. The idea is that those that play will foresee their future spouse. Each participant must carve an apple into one long strip, then they must toss the strip of apple over their shoulder. The peel is then observed to see what letter its shape forms on the ground, and this is said to be the first letter of their future spouses name. I wouldn't take this game too seriously but it could provide a bit of light hearted fun especially if there a several singles present.

The Telling of Ghost Stories.

This is a popular Halloween activity. Best done in a darkened room. The flicker of light from your Jack O'Lantern could provide the appropriate setting. For story ideas visit your local library, or check out the Horror Stories available at Amazon.

An alternative is to watch Horror Movies of which there are many. Some people like to do "all nighters" were by they watch a series of movies one after the another, for example:

  • The Nightmare on Elm Street series
  • Aliens
  • Halloween
  • Book Of Shadow - Blair Witch 2
  • War Of The Worlds
  • The Amityville Horror
  • The Rocky Horror Show!
  • Check out more Halloween Movies here.

    Murder Mystery Game Night

    A cool way to spend Halloween night is to host a murder mystery games night. This is on of my highly recommended Halloween activities. There are plenty of story lines to choose from all specialized towards a Halloween theme. Consider holding a murder mystery game night to impress your friends.

    Kids Halloween Games

    There are lots of fun games and activities that your kids can play at their Halloween Party. These Kids Halloween Games are easy to do and will keep them happy for hours. You only need a few games planned, and they really will make all the difference for a memorable party.

    If you have teenagers, they will love the Twilight Party, and will have loads of fun playing these special Twilight Party Games.

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