Halloween Party Games
How To Make This Once A Year Spooky Party The Best Ever!

I love Halloween parties, the costumes, the food, and of course the important Halloween party games. It's a pity that it's only for 1 night of the year.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st, and its origins are said to be from the celtic festival Samhain, which roughly means, "summers end" obviously from the northern hemisphere.

Halloween is for kids as well as adults and your Halloween party should reflect the age group of your guests. If you have never been to or held an adult Halloween party then you have been missing out on a lot of spooky fun.

Halloween Party Games - Costume Party

The wearing of Halloween costumes was believed to help ward off harmful spirits which were believed, could, on the night of Halloween, pass through into our world, along with the good spirits of course.

The Halloween costume provided a disguise from the harmful spirits.

A great Halloween Game is to have a costume party parade. Award prizes for best Halloween costume, Scariest costume or best couples costumes.

Do you have your own favorite Halloween games and activities that you would like to share on this site, why not share them here.

Halloween Party Games - Costume party

Halloween Activities - The Timeless Classics

There are many traditional Halloween party games, Bob Apple was one of my favorites as a child.

Halloween activities also included mask making, face painting, carving turnips or pumpkins to make a Jack-o'-lantern. Telling ghost stories and watching horror movies, and of course everyone has heard of Trick or Treat.

All these Halloween party games are what I call The Timeleass Classic Halloween Games. All the details of these games are explained on this dedicated page, so check them out! In some cultures, Halloween was a time for foreseeing who your future spouse would be, this is known as divination. A good one for the adult Halloween party

A cool way to spend Halloween is by hosting a Murder Mystery Evening There are many Murder Mystery Games available to choose from and some are tailored especially for Halloween.

Kids Halloween Games - Halloween Printables

For quick and easy party games you can't go wrong with the all time favorite Halloween Party Games Pack: over 50 printables for all the family! Word games, group games, trivia and much more!

Check them out, and if you like what you see, simply print off the games that you want. I just love this simple way of providing fun games at my Halloween parties.

Halloween is a fun family occasion. If you have kids and want a some fun safe games for your kids to play at their Halloween Party, then check out my special page dedicated to Kids Halloween Games. There are fun games for all ages, including Throwing Games, Pinatas and Kids Printable Halloween Games.

If you have teenagers, they may like a Twilight Party. It's all the rage with teenagers these days and it doesn't have to be Halloween for you to have one, great for Birthdays too!

Halloween Food is a big part of the Halloween activities and have been included to add more fun.

Toffee apples or taffy apples, as they are known in the USA, are common Halloween treats. They can be eaten on a stick or hung on a string. The hands are tied behind the back, so the apple can only be eaten using the teeth. Very tricky but lots of fun, especially if it is a race. Alternative foods to hang on a string which add to the fun of the Halloween party, is scones soaked in treacle or syrup or you could try jam donuts....Yummy!

In Ireland, Barmbrack is baked, this is a yeast bread, with sugar and sultanas.

Candy Corn is used in America, it is a confectionery which is candy and is made of corn syrup and sugar, with a little bit of salt, and it mimics corn.

Other favorites are roasted sweet corn and of course a variety of pumpkin foods such as pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie and pumpkin seeds.

Consider utilizing these food ideas as part of your Halloween party games.

Plan your Halloween party to include yummy food, scary costumes and fun active Halloween party games and you will have a Halloween party to remember.

....And don't forget to take lots of photos!!

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