House Warming Games
Easy, Fun Simple Ideas Listed Here.

House Warming Games where a key reason why my house warming party was so successful. Like you, I was very proud of my new home, not only did we design it ourselves, but we also built it! It really is our home sweet home.

House Warming Gams

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Most people move house on average every 7 or so years, so house warming parties don't come up on a regular basis. So why not make the most of this special time in your life, and celebrate with a house warming party to remember.

Like all other parties, my message is clear, keep it simple and easy. Plan ahead, and if necessary get your friend and family on board to help out.

You only need a few house warming games to get everyone mixing and mingling and having fun. Have a look at the home party games that I have listed below. Choose the ones that fit your own personality, the personality and the number of your guests.

If you want to choose a theme for your house warming party I have listed some ideas below. Plan your house warming games around your theme. Many of the games that I have suggested work well with these themes.

Themes for a Housewarming

Some of these themes would best suit an all girls house warming party for obvious reasons!

  • Lingerie party.
  • Adult toy party.
  • Cooking party.
  • Kitchenware party such as Tupperware
  • Spa Day
  • Jewelery party
  • Hawaiian Luau Beach Party
  • Mexican "Festa" Party

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    House Warming Games

    Getting to Know You - Clothes Peg Game

    This is a great ice breaker game to use as one of your house warming games, especially when the guests don't know each other. It gets everyone talking.

    You will need: A clothes peg for everyone, a small prize.

    Object of the game: Apart from getting to know each other, the aim is to collect as many clothes pegs from the other guests as possible.


  • Hand out the clothes peg to all the guests on arrival.
  • Ask them to attach the clothes peg to their upper clothes.
  • Tell the guests to mix and mingle around the room asking and answering questions with each other.
  • They are not allowed to use the words house or home or any variation of the word.
  • If anyone uses the forbidden words, they must hand over their peg to the other person.
  • The winner is the person with all the pegs at the end of the house warming party.

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    Housewarming Tour

    Andrew and I do this every time we have a new visitor to our home sweet home, did I mention how proud we are of our home?

    Andrew gives the $2 tour, I give the $5 tour! no we don't charge them, but I do tend to take a bit longer and go into much more detail than he does.

    The tour consists of guiding your guests around your home sweet home, explaining what you use the rooms for, how you chose the colors, the decorations etc. I always start at the front door, and flow logically from one room to the next, trying not to back track. When you have several guests you will probably need to break them into small tour groups and run several tours throughout the party until every guest has seen your beautiful new home.

    Find The Cat

    You can call it find the dog, find the pig, find the what ever. This is one of those house warming games that I created before I actually had a real cat. I like cats, so I have 3 shadow cats. What are shadow cats I hear you ask? They are cardboard cut outs of a cat, and they sit on the various door architrave in my home. I also have a porcelain cat in my family room.

    After the tours have finished, I ask the guests to see if they remember how many cats they saw. I had 4, 3 shadow cats and 1 porcelain cat. One of the shadow cats is in the guest toilet, so it's not easy to see unless you look up while comfortably sitting down!!

    It was funny to see my friends walking back around the house trying to find the cats. Now of course I have 5 cats, but Coco, my Australian Mist, is usually hiding very well when there is a party at my house!

    So whatever you're into, spoons, horses, cats, dogs, strategically place pictures, ornaments or the real thing around your home and see how many of your guests can find them all.

    Who Am I

    Another great house warming games idea that can be used as an ice breaker at the start of the party.

    You will need: A name of a famous person written clearly on a party hat, create as many famous name hats as there are guests. E.g. The Queen, Marilyn Munro, Santa Clause.

    If you're doing a themed party say cooking, then select famous celebrity chef names. For an adult toy party choose sexy film star names etc.

    Object of the game:Everyone to guess who they are.


  • On arrival, place the hats on the guest head without them seeing what famous name is written on it.
  • Guests must mix and mingle with the other guests and ask questions to find out who they are.
  • Questions can only be answered with Yes or No. For e.g. Am I a living person?, Am I a cartoon character?
  • Once all the guests have arrived, or at a set time, the guests sit in a circle and take it in turns to say who they think they are.

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    Know Your Suburb Housewarming Party Games

    You can also call this "Know your city", "Know your town", or even "Know your street", if it's a party with lots of neighbors coming.

    We did this game when we moved into a new apartment in Sydney several years ago. The apartment was in a converted wool stores building in Ultimo near Darling Harbour in Sydney. We had some friends visiting from Brisbane, but most were Sydney locals. We were discovering our new suburb ourselves and that's what gave us the idea to do this game.

    Depending on the number of guests, you can do it as an individual competition, or split them into teams. For some questions that are tricky, you could do multiple choice answers to help them.

  • Research some interesting facts about your suburb/town/city. Check out the local library, even the local people will be able to help if they've been around for a while.
  • Write a list of questions to ask.
  • Divide the guests into team if needed.
  • The team with the most correct answers wins.
  • Small prize is optional.

  • Lucky Dip

    This is a fun way to give your housewarming party guests a small gift as a memento. Buy a enough gifts for the number of guests and a few extra in case extra turn up!.

  • Head to the shops and purchase small homeward items, such as, a small egg beater, a pate knife, a stubby cooler, (Australian for bear cooler), key ring, egg timer, bottle opener, tea sieve, small spatula, bar of soap, face cloth, small picture frame, dusting cloth….etc etc get creative!
  • Wrap them up individually.
  • Place the wrapped gifts into a washing basket which has been filled with packing filler such as scrunched up wrapping paper.
  • Have your guests take it in turns to take a lucky dip.

  • Recipe for A New Home

    I like this idea for house warming games because you end up with a lovely memento of your house warming party.

    You will need: A nicely decorated book like a journal that can be written in. You could put a picture of you in front of your new home on the front cover. pens.

    Object of the game:To create a "cook book" of new home recipes and comments from friends and family about your new home.


  • As each guest arrives, ask them to write some words of wisdom regarding how to they know you and what they think of your new home.
  • If they have a favourite recipe for a good home cooked meal, they can write it into the book
  • Once the book is completed at the end of the house warming party, you can read out some of the words.

  • Pizza Making

    This is a fun way to bring your guests together. People love to talk while doing an activity. Turn it into a fun house warming games by making it a competition for the best tasting pizza that everyone can vote on later.

    You will need: Pre buy the bases and prepare toppings into small bowls (Ham, Cheese, Tomato, Red and green peppers etc). make sure you cater for guests that may be vegetarian or gluten free etc. Aprons for guests. Oven gloves to prevent hands getting burnt.

    Object of the game: To make pizza then eat them


  • Prepare the toppings and put all the toppings into separate bowls.
  • Lay out the pizza bases on a table/kitchen bench.
  • Each guest prepares their pizza as desired.
  • Finished pizza are placed in the oven until cooked.


    Biscuit Making -You can buy packet mix biscuits for the guests to make and decorate with lollies.

    Cake decorating - pre buy cup cakes. Prepare icing and put lollies into bowls for decorating with.

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    I used your switch the garter game idea for my sisters engagement party as well as the Donut and the carrot game. I have never laughed so much, it was hilerios. My sister didnt know what I had planned she loved it. Thanks.

    T.J. Monterey

    What a lovely web site you have. I love the fact that you have lots of free games ideas. Im going to use your idea of having a candle ceremony and use your baby bingo game for my friends baby shower next month.

    Zahara M, USA

    Thanks for the party ideas Katherine.We played your game "Find The Cat" at our housewarming party, only we have a pet rabbit called Bob. We took photos of him and hid them around the house. It really did liven up the party having everyone looking for Bobs pictures. It got everyone talking.

    Kelli, Melbourne

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