Kids birthday parties are not complete without invitations and colourful decorations but how exactly should you go about this?

The use of invitations and decorations such as party banners and balloons are far more important for parties for children than any party that is planned for adults. All children love the look of any party and the use of a few well placed decorations will make the party even better.

The decorating process starts off with the invitations. This is the first thing that the children will see and this is the first chance to show the children what they will expect and a colorful invitation will enthuse them with excitement. These can be easily purchased from a birthday party shop or you may decide to make some yourself. A wide range of assorted colorful invitations will be found at your local newsagents for instance.

If you decide to make some yourself then why not use some colored card and cut out a shape instead of the usual rectangle. You can cut them into the shape of a ball, a doll or a dog. Simply cut out the first one and use this as a template for the rest of the invites. If you are going to have a theme party then this is probably the best way to go.

Decorations start off with the table of course and this should be made as colorful as possible. It is common for children's parties to also have a colorful plate for them to have their food off and not the normal white plate. Colored paper cups can be easily and cheaply purchased for the children and you could also have a noise squeaker for them all on the party table along with a party hat and serviette. These all add to the atmosphere of the party and help in making it more colorful. You can also use streamers and tie some balloons to the walls along with party banners. Why not tie some colorful streamers to bottles of colored soft drinks and place these on the table. This can make a nice centre piece for the table and at virtually no cost to you.

One great idea is to tie some balloons together and fasten them to a post near the party venue. This will help other families find the party more easily. At the end of the party instead of bursting the balloons you could take these down and give them away to the children along with their party bags as they are leaving.

The birthday cake will be another added colorful delight for the children and you can either make this yourself or again a nice colorful birthday cake can be easily and very cheaply obtained from your local supermarket.

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