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Kids Halloween Games are so easy to play and lots of fun. Keep reading to learn about the Timeless Classic Halloween Party Games and for some fun new Kids Halloween Games. If you're having a Kids Halloween Party this year, first make sure you get your appropriate Halloween invitations out early.

I like this one…….rather than calling it a "Halloween Party", its' called a "Be Afraid Party"

Be Afraid Party Invitations Pkg/20

Be Afraid Party Invitations Pkg/20

These Be Afraid Party Invitations have the look of a spider crawling down a web from a skull in orange, black, yellow and white. These Halloween invitations are sold in packages of twenty and have plenty of room inside for all of your party information such as - for, date, time, place and R.S.V.P. along with the words, "be very afraid!" Each party invitation measures approximately 4 3/4 x 6 1/4 inches and is a postcard style. These colorful Be Afraid Party Invitations are the perfect way to announce your upcoming Halloween party.

OK so the invitations are sorted…….

Here is a cool idea for background music to get your guest in the spooky mood...

A Spine chilling Movie Themes Music CD .....

Spine Thrilling Cd Each

Now for the Halloween Games and Activities for kids!

Timeless Classic Halloween Activities

Halloween Costume Competition

It goes without saying, that all your guests should be encouraged to dress up in their best or worst Halloween costume By doing this, the first of your activities will be the best and worst dressed competition. I do suggest small prizes, for example, slimy goo, skeleton key-ring or a bottle of Blood Wine (Make your own label and attach.) For kids make up a bottle of Ribena or red cordial.

Don't forget that you will need some props to decorate your venue.

Something like this Personalized Enter At Your Own Risk Door Banner , or this Scull And Crossbones Balloon .

If you want some of the Timeless Classic Halloween Activities, then you can't go wrong with the following oldies but goodies….

(click on the link for detailed explanation of how to play)

  • Halloween Face Painting / Mask Making

  • Jack O'Lantern Making Competition

  • Trick or Treat

  • Apple Bobbing

  • The Telling of Ghost Stories

  • Do you have your own favorite Halloween games and activities that you would like to share on this site, why not share them here

    Now Check Out This Cool Video That I Found For Some Great Ideas For Halloween Games And Food

    Scroll Down For More Kids Halloween Games....

    Kids Halloween Games

    Select from my recommended Kids Halloween Games listed.

    Remember you only need 2-3 games at the most at your kids Halloween party. Here is my top recommended kids Halloween Games. I suggest you read through them all and choose the ones that suit your kids age group and the number of friends attending.

    Pinata Kids Halloween Games

    Pinatas are great fun and kids of all ages love them. Check out these Halloween designs to choose from to choose from.

    A fun game is to get 2 of them and divide your guests into 2 teams. Each team member takes it in turns to hit the pinnate. The first team to break it open wins. And what do they win?….well everything that falls out of the now broken pinnate of course….so everyone's a winner!

    Frankenstein Pinata

    Frankenstein Conventional Pinata Each

    Witch Pinata

    Witch Conventional Pinata Each

    Spider Pinata

    Spider Pinata Each

    Throwing Kids Halloween Party Games

    No I don't mean throw the kids!

    I mean use these cool fun Halloween designed throwing games to entertain the kids. They will have so much fun, and again it's suitable for all ages over 4 years. These are my 2 favorites….. Inflatable Spider Ring Toss Game

    Here's a fun game for kids to play at a Halloween party, this Inflatable Spider Ring Toss Game is 24" tall and 11" wide and includes the spider and four 6 1/2" rings. It can be played indoor and Outdoors and is great for kids aged 4 and up.

    Inflatable Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss Game

    If you like the idea of playing tossing games at your kids Halloween party, then here is another that you will love, it's the Inflatable Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss Inflatable Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss. It includes one 10 orange inflatable plastic pumpkin with face and 3 inflatable style bean bags. Great for kids 4 years and older.

    Monster Lab Toss Game

    Monster Lab Toss Game Each

    Each of the holes , or mouths of the scary faces have different scores, so you can use this as a team game. The team with the highest scores wins.

    And my final Throwing game is this Halloween Dart Board Game Recommended for ages 6 years and older.

    Easy Printable Kids Halloween Games

    Here are some of the Most Popular Halloween Games that are printable. Included are some Kids Halloween Games for Non-Readers,as well as Personalized Printable Halloween Games.

    and here are some of my favorites….

    Werewolf Spot the Difference Game for kids

    Halloween is a time for looking your best, and Mr. Werewolf is no exception! He's going for a trim at the hair salon.This fun Werewolf Spot the Difference Game for kids challenges your party guests to find ten changes between two pictures. We've included an answer key on page two. Lots of fun for young Halloween fans!Suitable for any number of players ages 5-9yrs recommended.

    Halloween Scavenger Hunt For Kids

    Halloween Scavenger Hunt For KidsThis printable Halloween game's suitable for any child aged five or over. If your kids cannot read yet, you can always read the clues out to them.

    There are 10 printable clue cards that you can hide almost anywhere in your home. Each card has a clue written in rhyme, which will lead your children to the location of the next clue! There are 10 clues (you don't have to use them all), and it;s suitable for kids 5yrs+ (non-readers will need assistance).

    Escape From The Garden Left and Right Game for Halloween

    Halloween is a perfect time to play this Escape From The Garden Left and Right Game for Halloween Use this game to redistribute leftover candy or small gifts.It seems the prize pumpkin you've been growing all year isn't too keen on ending up as a centerpiece! A funny tale that will work just as well for Thanksgiving as for Halloween.Suitable for any number of players but make sure that one person of reading age is available to be the narrator.

    Chew On This Candy Names Game

    Chew On This Candy Names game for kids is a fun word game challenges younger party guests to finish the famous candy phrases by filling in the blanks!It's designed to be playable by kids of reading age. There's a clue for each missing word, plus dashes to show how many letters are in the word they're looking to find. Suitable for any number of players aged 6-10yrs.

    More Great Kids Halloween Game Ideas

    Twilight Party

    If you have teenagers then you may want to consider having a Twilight Party! It's all the rage. There are lots of Twilight Party Games and props ideas that you can use to create the perfect setting. What better time to use this theme then Halloween!

    Executor photo op

    Tell all your friends to bring their cameras, or provide them as a favor idea.

    Use this fun Halloween prop to take photos of all your guests. A fun activity and with a great memento to take home!

    The Executioner Photo Op Each

    Murder Mystery -Panic at the Prom

    Centerville's High School's Prom Night is ruined! Someone's pulled the fire alarm, drenching everyone in attendance...well, ALMOST everyone. Instead of enjoying one last dance, seven students and their principal must shelve their dancing shoes and figure out who's rained on the prom's parade! Comes with character booklets, invitations, a party planner, clues and much more!

    Ages: Teen. For 8 players. NOTE: Character booklets do not contain scripted dialogue, however they do include detailed information that directs players' improvised dialogue.

    You will love Murder Mystery Party Games for Teens hours of scary fun where everyone can get involved.

    Pin The Nose on the Pumpkin

    A classic game with Halloween twist, perfect for the kids. I like to use this game as guests arrive and announce the winner once everyone has had a go. Award a small prize to the winner.

    Pin the Nose on the Pumkin - Halloween Party Game is an easy game to play at your Halloween party, give it a go…

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