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Luau Party Games will help add fun and excitement to any beach party. The Hawaiian party theme can be used for both adults and kids parties. Some people even use this theme for their wedding celebration. The party games that I have suggested can be used for all ages, and if you like, all occasions.

"luau" in Hawaiian means "feast" so it is important to focus attention on the food if you want to keep close to tradition. One of the easiest ways of providing food at a party like this is to have a Hawaiian BBQ.

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You can use food in your party games and activities too, I have suggested some cool ideas below.

Having your Hawaiian Luau party games at a beach is ideal, however I have known people who have had one a home in their large back garden. They had soft sand delivered to create a beach and they used back drops to provide the tropical scene and brought in tropical palms. Deck chairs and a Hawaiian BBQ, with cocktails of course, completed the scene. So yes anyone can have a Hawaiian Luau party theme.

Speaking of cocktails...Luau games: Cocktail Trivia check it out.

Luau Party Games and Activities

Hawaiian Luau Costume.

Dressing up in Hawaiian luau costume is not an option for this luau party. You can award a small prize for the best dressed.

Be clear on your invitation that a costume should be worn. A good idea is to have a dress up box of extra clothes and props like Hula Skirts, Flower Leis and Coconut Bras. Your guests can add to their costumes or borrow pieces that are missing from their own.

Once everyone is dressed up, why not have a hula dancing competition, so everyone can show off their party costume. Don't forget to take lots of pictures!

Hula Dancing Competition.

Time to pull out the old music from Elvis Presley, Hawaii Five O, The Beach Boys ..... you will find the right music on this great Luau Party Music CD

Why not provide props to help your guests get tint the swing of things. Use hula hoops and Inflatable Polka-Dot Beach Balls (1 dz) to help get their hips swaying and their arms waving!

A cool dancing game idea for the kids is to play musical statues. When the music stops the kids have to stand like statues and if you see them move, they're out. Play this game until there is only 1 child left, the winner.

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Hula Hooping.

This is a great activity for any beach party, because you need to have plenty of space around you. I used to be able to hula hoop for hours as a child, but I tried it recently and well, I struggled. You can buy multicolored hula hoops to add lots of color. See if your guests are able to hula hoop around their waist. Then see if they can hula hoop around their arms, their legs, and even their neck. Not as easy as you may think, but guaranteed to provide a lot of fun.

If you need some Hula Hoops then check out the Wham-o Original Hula Hoop Set of Three, they come in different bright party colors.

If you have enough guests at your, you can use your hula hoop as part of a team luau party game. Create an obstacle course on the beach. Add some beach balls and coconuts. Break the guests into 2 -3 teams, they have to race through the obstacle course 1 team member at a time, the team that completes the course first wins.

Some of the activities in the luau party games obstacle course could be:

  • Passing a beach ball over your head to the person behind, who then has to pass the ball between their legs to the person behind. The person at the back of the teams row then has to run to the front of the team and start the obstacle course.
  • To hula hoop 5 spins without it dropping.
  • From a set distance, throw a hula hoop around an object such as a coconut or water melon.
  • Skipping 10 times with the hula hoop.
  • Stepping or jumping from 1 hula hoop to another as they are laying flat on the ground.
  • Rolling the hula hoop a set distance, (Probably best on a grass surface rather than the beach!)

  • Fruit Kebab Making

    As I mentioned earlier, Luau party games that include food are always good and in keeping with the theme, fruit kebab making is perfect. Pre-prepare bowl of chopped up fruit into suitable kebab sizes. Apples, pineapple, melon, orange, pear, peaches, bananas whatever you like. Buy a packet of skewers and have your guests assemble the fruit onto the skewers. This is a lovely activity for a kids luau party or any summer party. The great thing is that you all get to eat the yummy fruit kebabs when done.

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    A pinata is perfect to include as one of your luau party games. You can make your own or buy them pre-made. Select one that suits your Luau party theme.

    I love this Tiki Pinata, it really has that native Hawaiian look about it. It takes a bit of hitting to break through and will give everyone a good work out while providing lots of fun.

    Have a look at this Hawaiian Luau Pig Pinata, he is just gorgeous.

    Coconut Throwing

    This is one of the easiest luau party games to play. Simply place a stick firmly into the ground, mark a line from where the guests must stand and throw their coconuts towards the stick. The person closest to the stick wins.

    Alternatively, still using the coconuts, place 6 of them onto a 6 plastic cup/beakers. Set the cup/beaker and coconut in a row on a table. Clear the area at the rear of the table, so that no one gets hit!

    Have the guests stand behind a marked line. They have to throw tennis balls at the coconuts to knock them of the beaker. Limit the number of throws each guest has before handing them over to the next player.

    If throwing games are what you want, then check out the inflatable luau ring toss game.

    How cool is that! >>>>>>> >>>>>>>

    The Limbo - Luau Party Games

    OK, no beach party should miss this, the famous Limbo. Use a Luau Inflatable Limbo Stick 6' long. Play your favorite beach music and let your guests do the limbo.

    For those that have never heard of this party game, it's simple. Guests have to take it in turns to go under the stick, by arching their back backwards and looking up towards the stick. Its easy at first because the two people holding the stick at each end will hold it high. However, as the game proceeds, the stick is gradually lowered, until it's only a few centimeters off the ground. If anyone touches the stick during their turn, they are out. last one playing is the winner.

    Pin The Parrot On The Pirate Game

    A simple twist on the old favorite which is easily adapted to your Luau come beach party. Easy to do printable games will keep the younger guests entertained for hours.

    Flower Leis Making

    A leis is a traditional flower necklace worn in Hawaii and other Pacific Island cultures. When I went to Hawaii on a work conference, a number of years ago, when we arrived at our hotel, we were all given a beautiful orchid leis.

    You can purchase fresh flower leis or less expensive plastic or these fabric Mega flower Lei Assortment (50 ct) - 50 cloth Luau leis for your beach party. But why not include the making of a flower leis as one of your luau party games activity. You will need flowers such as orchids or daises and smooth string as well as a large needle fro each guest.

    The flowers can be costly as it takes 50 flower heads to make a leis, so this is ideal for smaller gatherings, alternatively, use paper flowers which would be less expensive.

    Simply cut the string to the length needed for the leis. Thread the needle onto the string. Attach each flower to the string. Make sure they flowers all face the same direction and push them along to bunch them together. Once done, tie a small knot in the string to complete the leis.

    As the host, once the leis are completed, place the guests leis around their neck and say Aloha!

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