Outdoor Games
Easy To Do And Great Fun For Kids Birthday Parties.

Outdoor games are a must if you're having a kids birthday party and you have a large number attending. If you're lucky enough to have a large back garden, that's great, why not use it! My garden isn't so big, although I do have a pool so pool parties are popular at my house.

For my sons 5th birthday party, I had 30 kids! so I had it at a nearby park. Heaps of space for the outdoor fun games. There was a playground at the park which kept the kids entertained before I started to play outdoor games that I had planned.

Another great venue for outdoor party games is the beach especially for the bigger kids. Don't forget the sun-block and I don't recommend that you have games that involve the kids going fully into the water, purely for safety reasons.

A fantastic beach party theme is the hawaiian Luau party theme

You don't need to do too many outdoor kids games, because typically a party is about 2-3 hours. Time will be taken up, as guests arrive, (there are always a few running late), also time to eat the yummy party food. I recommend not starting the games until at least 30 mins after the start time of the kids birthday party.

The best piece of equipment that I had was a whistle. You will need one if there are lots of kids especially if you still want your voice at the end of the party!

Have a look at the selection of outdoor games that I have listed below and select the ones that best suit the age range of the kids and your circumstances.

Do you have your own favorite outdoor games, activities and ideas that you would like to share on this site, why not share them here.

Read other visitors suggestions.

Outdoor Fun Games

French Cricket

Fun outdoor kids games that can be played in the garden, if it's big enough, the beach or the local park. I have fond memories playing this game with my sisters and street kids on summer days in England.

You will need: A cricket bat, a tennis ball, pen and paper to keep score.

Object of the game: The team with the most runs in a set time wins.


  • Divide the children into two teams, A and B.
  • Team A hit the ball first.
  • Team B are the fielders hoping to catch the ball, and take it in turns to be the bowler.
  • First player of team A, holds the cricket bat in-front of their shins.
  • The first bowler of team B, throws the ball underarm towards the bat, aiming to hit the shins of the team A player.
  • If the ball hits the shins of team player A then they are instantly out.
  • If the team A player hits the ball, the fielders and the bowler of team B, must catch the ball, without it touching the floor. If they succeed then the batter from team A is out.
  • When the ball is hit, and the ball is not caught before hitting the ground, the batter from team A must pass the bat around their body to score a run.
  • The fielders must get the ball back to the bowler as quickly as possible so that they can re bowl, and hopefully hit the shins of the team A player.
  • At a set time, or if all the players are out, swap sides. Team A bowls and fields while team A take it in turns to bat.

  • Obstacle Course

    Great action fun outdoor games for children. This can be done as a team event by creating 2 identical obstacle courses. If you don't have enough people or obstacles, try timing each team or individual as they take it in turns.

    You will need: A variety of obstacles. (For example, Curve-A-Beam™

    to walk along, Pull Bouy Skinny No-Kink Hoops, 24-Inch (One Dozen)

    to climb through or to step through, a sheet to crawl under), a stop watch if necessary.

    Object of the game: First team to all get their players to the finish line. Alternatively fastest team/individual.


  • Set up an obstacle course with a start and finish line.
  • Line the children up in their teams, along the start line.
  • When you shout GO, the child at the front of the line must run through the obstacle course, to the finish line.
  • When they reach the finish line they shout NEXT and the next child in the line starts to run through the obstacle course.
  • The first team to have all their team members at the finish line are the winners.

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    Treasure Hunt

    Great outdoor games for children when you have large numbers of guests.

    You will need: A list of 20-30 items to be collected, for example, A box of tissues, A pen, A hat, A green leaf, The number 6, A piece of soap, a packet of soup, An insect (alive). Use your imagination!. A copy of the list for each team. A grocery bag.

    Object of the game: The team with the most items wins.


  • Create the list and make copies for each team.
  • Divide the guests into team. 6 guests per team is a good number.
  • Give each team a copy of the list and the grocery bag.
  • Set a time limit 30 minutes to 1 hour for each team to visit the local neighborhood and collect the items on the list.
  • Remind them of the rules, they must be polite when asking for items, they must return on or before the time set or they will be penalized 3 items.
  • Compare bags to find the winner.

  • Volley Ball

    Great outdoor games for children for when you want to go to the beach and you have enough people. 10-12.

    You will need: Volley Ball net, Volley ball

    Object of the game: The team that reaches a score of 20 wins.


  • Set up the net and mark out the court. Draw in the sand at the beach or use spray paint or ropes on grass.
  • Divide the children into 2 teams of 5 or 6 aside. Team A and Team B
  • Explain the instructions and remind them that the children can only hit the ball with their hands.
  • Team A begins the serve and hits the ball across the net.
  • Team B must get the ball back across the net within 3 hits without the ball touching the floor.
  • If Team B are successful, team A must then get the ball back across the net within 3 hits without the ball touching the floor.
  • A point is scored to the other team if the ball touches the floor or if, within 3 hits, the ball is not over the other side of the net.
  • The first team to reach 20 points wins.

    Port Starboard

    Some outdoor games can be done inside if you have a large enough room at home or have hired a hall.

    You will need: No props

    Object of the outdoor games: To follow the Captains instructions and be the last child remaining at the end of the game.


  • Ideally start with you being the Captain, although once they get the hang of it, the children may want to take it in turns to be the Captain. Explain to the children the list of commands that the Captain will shout.
  • Demonstrate the commands.
  • Make it clear which end of the room is Port (Left) and which is Starboard (Right).
  • The children must follow the commands by doing the actions associated with the command.
  • The last child to do the action is out.
  • The last remaining child is the winner.


  • Port - Run to the Port side of the room.
  • Starboard - Run to the Starboard side of the room.
  • Captains Coming - Stand to attention and salute.
  • Man Over Board - Grab a partner.
  • Hoist the Main Sail - Jog on the spot and move the arms up and down as if they are climbing a ladder.
  • Clean the Decks - Get down on all fours and pretend to scrub the decks.
  • Sinking Ship - Climb onto a chair, table bucket whatever to get off the ground.
  • Up Periscope - Stand straight and hold hands to eyes as if your looking through a telescope.
  • Pirates are coming -Stand on one leg.

    Do you have your own favorite outdoor party games and activities ideas that you would like to share on this site, why not share them here.

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    I hope my site has given you some ideas so that you know what to do for your next party celebration. Keep it simple, keep it safe and have fun!

    Final Word.

  • Remember KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid. Don't try to do too much.
  • 4 party games maximum and have a plan.
  • Don't try and do it all yourself, ask friends, family and parents to help.
  • Keep within 2 hours, 3 at the most.
  • Remember to smile and look like you're having fun, because the children will pick up on your attitude.
  • Outdoor games are fun for any party celebration, include them in your next party. It's easy when you know how - Have Fun!!

    End Outdoor Games.

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    "Thank you Katherine, love your site. I used your suggestions for my 4 year olds birthday party last week. 15 Kindergarden kids! My sister does face painting so we did that. I had a pass the parcel using nursery rhyme music I had a candy between each wrapping of paper which worked well. Finally I did some balloon games. They loved it. I especially liked your idea of having a story time at the end of the party, it worked well, my sister read the stories and I organized the parents as they arrived to pick up their kids. My little girl loved her special day and I think it was the games that made it work so well. Planning my sons 7th Birthday for next month now"

    Sandra, Atlanta, USA

    Just a quick note to let you know that I followed your instructions for running party games at my sons birthday party and it went really well. I did 3 games and the most popular was the obstacle course. I had 10 boys ages 6-10 and once they had played with the course I had set out they then started to create their own ideas for obstacles and rearranged the course making it harder and harder. This 1 game kept them entertained for over an hour.

    Jess, From New Jersey.

    Thank you for the Easter games ideas, they went down a treat. We did the Easter egg hunt and I had pin the bunny ears. Really good.I like your web site its well written and got great ideas.

    Maggie B, Hamilton, Canada

    Thank you for your baby shower games ideas, I'd never done one before so had no idea where to start. They worked well and my friends loved it.

    Kim, Sydney.

    I had a housewarming last week and we played your game know your suburb. it was very entertaining and we learnt so much just in preparing for the game, great idea thanks.

    Shelly, Manchester, UK

    Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it. If you want to make a comment please feel free to contact me here.

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