Sand and Water Race for Toddlers

by Monika

This game is perfect for the beach, but if you have a sand pit at home then that works as well. Pre fill the balloons with water. You could use the buckets for water instead of the balloons, but it was fun for the children to burst the balloons especially as it was a warm day.

I had 10 childrens age ranges 2-4 for my daughters 3rd birthday. We did this on the beach near out home. Lots of fun and they all got involved.

The children were put into 2 teams and both teams had adults to help of course. Both teams had buckets and spades the same size. They had to fill their buckets with the sand then run a short distance to a larger bucket where they had to pour their bucket of sand into. Then they ran back and collected a balloon that had been filled with water. They had to take the balloon to a second large bucket which was next to the large sand bucket, and burst the balloon so that the water filled the bucket. Adults were on hand with a pin if needed!

The children all ran back and forth simultaneously so none of them were sitting out. Interesting that some kids preferred the sand and others the water so getting them to alternate between sand and water didn't always work. It didn't matter because they all had fun and were active.

The winning team was the first to fill their sand bucket with sand and their water bucket with water. Don't have a bucket too large or the game may take too long. Our game took about 15 mins. As a prize, they all got a juice for completing the game.

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