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Spa party games are essential for your kids spa day.

This page is dedicated to my dear friend and neighbour Jac, who asked me to create a page for her young girl Issy, who wants to have a Spa party for her forthcoming 9th birthday.

Jac I hope you like my suggestions:)

If anyone else has a specific birthday party theme that you would like me to create a dedicated page for, then simply contact me and I will research and create a page especially for you too. Once you've had your party, send me some photos and I will use them on my site. You will have your very own page created for you.

First Things First… Safety is the number one priority when having a spa party, so make sure that all the products that you use, are safe for any of your spa party guests that may have allergies.

Creating the atmosphere is very important, so if you're planning to use your home for your kids spa day, you will need to plan and prepare.

I recommend 6-7 spa party guests as a maximum. Start thinking about how the girls will move through your home, from arrival, and then from pamper station to pamper station. Where will they sit to relax after their treatments? Where will you play the essential spa games? When will finger food and drinks be served?

Essential ambiance creating items that you will need to create that real life spa feel include; soft scented Aromatherapy Candles- made with 100% pure essential oils- Vanilla Rose, Eucalyptus & Peppermint, Frankincense & Patchouli, Lavender, Lemongrass & Orange & Tangerine & Lavender, Spa Music, drapes and cushions and some girly magazines that the age group are interested in. You will also need plenty of Cotton Spa Towels , 20" x 40".

In your spa party Personalized Invitations, let your guests know what they will need to bring with them. Maybe a fancy party dress, if they're having a catwalk parade or going out for dinner somewhere special afterwards.

If you're having a "Sparjama party, and are including a sleepover, then remind them to bring their pyjamas.

Think about what pamper stations you're going to have. For example:

  • Hot Tub Spa
  • Massage Station
  • Hair Station
  • Facial Station
  • Pedicure and Manicure Station
  • Makeup Station
  • You don't have to do all of them, however you will probably need some help from your friends to manage each station. You may want to hire an expert in one or more of the areas, to help out.

    Masseurs are available to do massages at home. Beauty therapist such as Mary Kay will do facial and makeup sessions for you. Anyone in Brisbane, Australia wanting a therapist to come and do a party contact me and I can give you the details of someone I know is really good because I have used her for my own ladies spa day.
    On arrival offer your guests a refreshment, pink lemonade, a fruit cocktail or bottled water are ideal choices. To prepare for their spa day, they will need to tie their hair back and put on a special robe and Girl Day Spa Slippers .

    A good alternative are the Pedicure Slippers Thong 12 Pairs Flip Flop Disposable perfect for keeping those newly painted toe nails in tact!

    Here is a Girls Day Spa Birthday Party Costume DressUp Robe that will work well. The girls will love the soft panne' velour. robe with belt and headband. "Ooh La La Day Spa" is embroidered on the robe front. It is 100% polyester and machine washable. This robe will suit a child size, age 6+. and is versatile enough to accommodate older girls too.

    Create a pretty pink spa menu of the services that you are offering. Have them tick the ones that they want.

    If you have a hot tub, then a great place to start a relaxing spa day is in it. Make sure an adult supervises the young girls, at all times when they are in the spa.

    For food ideas, think finger food, canapés, such as mini quiches, cucumber sandwiches, salmon and cream cheese pin wheels, cheese and pineapple on stick, fruit kebabs and a must have Mini Chocolate Fondue Fountain with 2-Tier Tower with marshmallows and fruit.

    If you choose to have some creative spa activities, you may like to have the girls create their own spa products. They can then take their creations home as part of their spa favors. Bath Bombs are an easy activity, as is having the girls make their own face masks. Check out the recipes in the suggested reading below.

    A great favour to have is the Girls Pink Day Spa Slipper Beauty Favor Bag - M/L which includes pretty pink day spa slipper, (Size medium measure approx. 9" long) and a beauty favor set. A pedicure brush and file color may vary (pink, lavender or blue). The pack is recommended for ages 7-10.

    Of course to add the laughter and fun to your spa party, you really must include some fun spa party games. These games can be done throughout the party while the spa party guests are having their treatments or after their treatments are completed.

    These spa party games are also perfect for extended spa days, that can also turn into a slumber party. So I have included a couple of slumber party games as well.

    Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

    Spa Party Games

    Fashion Angels Sleepover Spa Party

    This Fashion Angels Sleepover Spa Party kit is a must have for any spa party. It includes, a light-up crown, 4 pairs of flip-flops, 8 toe separators. There are also 4 invitations, 4 comb and mirror sets, 4 bling rings, 4 light-up stampers, and 4 eye masks.

    You also get the 101 Sleepover Party Ideas book, which has a game spinner and a Sleepover Memories book. The kit accommodates up to 4 kids and is suitable for kids 6 +. This spa party games is all done for you!

    Hot Actors Trivia Game

    Hot hunks, chic charmers and handsome heart breakers fill this fun trivia game about the world's hottest male actors. This Slumber Party Hot Actors Trivia game is definitely one for the girls while they're getting their nails done!

    Simply print it off this spa party games, once you have downloaded it.

    Card Games

    You may need this spa party games to keep the girls entertained while they wait for a treatment, or when they're waiting for the last of the spa guest to finish theirs.

    These card games Card Games Pkg/5 are perfect because they can be quickly played whilst waiting for a treatment. They are the classic card games that you played as a child. Each package contains five decks of cards including: Old Maid, Animal Snap and Donkey.

    You could also use the cards as part of the favor pack before they go home.   

    Printable Kids Birthday Games

    I just love printable games, because they are so quick and easy to use and play. For a wide selection of Printable Kids Birthday Games that are perfect for your spa party games, you can't go wrong with these.

    They are tailored to suit whatever age group you have attending. For example I like the tweens to teens suggestions of "Birthday Bingo", "Who Knows the Birthday Star?" and "Lefty's Forgotten Birthday", these spa party games can all be personalized for you.

    Spontuneous ® Party Board Game - The Game Where Lyrics Come to Life®!

    Spontuneous ® Party Board Game - The Game Where Lyrics Come to Life®! is a hilarious interactive family party board game for music lovers of any kind is ideal for 4-10 players or teams. It uses self-generated words to promote thinking and strategy, every game is unique and never grows old and it'll have you laughing for hours.

    Spontuneous (spon-TUNE-ee-us) "Acting on the natural tendency or impulse to burst into song". Think of it as Musical Tourettes. Have you ever heard a word that "Triggered" you to sing a song? If so, then you are Spontuneous. Players take turns trying to think of a word that will stump the other players from being able to sing a 5-word portion of lyrics (from any song) that contains the given Trigger-word.

    If the 15-second timer expires and you have stumped everyone, then you must prove you know a song containing your own Trigger-Word or else it will test your knowledge of lyrics and will forever change the way you listen to music. Once you play Spontuneous, you'll be hooked.

    Length of play: 30-45 minutes so it is one of the good spa party games to play once everyone has completed their treatments and ideal for a slumber party as well.

    The Game of BUZZ

    This is a very old game, but is always a favorite. Perfect spa party games to play while waiting for nails to dry or even when you have a face mask on because you don't need to use your hands, just your brain!

    The guests need to take it in turns to count so they need to know what order they are. They begin to count in turn, but when the number 7 or any number in which the figure 7 or any multiple of 7 is reached, they say "Buzz," instead of whatever the number may be.

    For example, supposing the guests have counted up to 12, the next guest will say "13," the next "Buzz," because 14 is a multiple of 7 (2x7.)

    The next guest would then say "15," the next "16" and the next would of course say "Buzz" because the figure 7 occurs in the number 17.

    If one of the guests forgets to say "Buzz" at the proper time, they are out. The game then starts over again with the remaining players, and so it continues until there is but one person remaining.

    If your guests are very clever, then they may reach up to 70, which, would of course be called Buzz. The numbers would then be carried on as Buzz 1, Buzz 2, etc., up to 79, but it is very seldom that this stage is reached.

    Catwalk Parade

    Once all the treatments are completed and your guests are looking gorgeous, maybe it's time for a catwalk parade?

    If they all bought their fancy party dresses with them, then now is the time to put them on.

    For this spa party games you will need to create a walkway, and have the girls take it in turns to strut their stuff. They can show off their new hair dos, their fancy makeup and painted nails. Give the other girls a disposable camera each, so that they can take lots of pictures. Once the party is finished, you can develop the photos and create a thank you letter using the photos.

    Mud Mask Competition

    This favorite spa party games is a fun way for the girls to get a mud mask applied. Pair them up and give them a selection of different colored mud masks.

    Using small paintbrushes, have them paint the mud mask onto their partners face.

    Make it a competition to see who can create the best mud face, or the scariest mud face.

    The photos will be good too!

    Gross Facts Trivia Game

    If you're looking for an irresistible teen printable for a spa or slumber parties, how about a truly Gross Trivia Game

    This game delves into the history of horrid and includes a dirty dozen of disgusting facts! No stomach will be unmoved by this hilarious and eye-opening trivia game. Ideal for ages 12+ and includes 12 multiple choice questions that are impossible but hilarious.

    This is perfect to play after the treatments are completed, and the girls just wanna have fun.


    A great way to finish off your spa day is for everyone to have a big sing a long. If you have the Singstar at home then pull it out. If not you can always get this Singing Machine SML-390 Disco Lights CDG Karaoke System - SML-390 which has tray-Loading Cdg Player, 2 Microphone Jacks With Separate Volume Controls, a 5.5" B&W Monitor, Back Speaker System, an A/V Out Stereo; On-Screen Lyrics, Digital Key Controller; Volume, Balance & Echo Control, Auto Voice Control and best of all rotating Disco Ball With Lights!

    Let the party begin ! The girls can dress up in their fancy dresses and now that they've had their makeovers, they will be feeling fantastic and ready to party.

    Check out this Party Tyme Karaoke: Girl Pop 11 with songs that everyone can sing a long to.

    Girly Movies

    As the sun goes down, and you've completed your spa party treatments, why not finish the day off with a a fruit smoothy that the girls can make together, some homemade popcorn and a girly movie.

    Perfect for a spa party come slumber party, because the girls can get into their pajamas for this one.

    Simple set up a data projector and screen up, and settle down for some movie fun.Some ideal girly movie suggestions would be, Hannah Montana: The Movie and a bit of Zac Efron in High School Musical 1-3 What a great way to end a fun active day of spa party games!

    A Little Light Reading To Help You on Your Way to The Perfect Spa Day

    Now that you have your spa party games sorted, don't forget to visit Party Supplies at Low Prices. Get all your paper party tableware and decorations delivered…too easy!

    And don't forget, for gift and toy ideas visit my Easy Store

    I hope my site has given you some ideas so that you know what to do for your spa party. Keep it simple, keep it safe and have fun!

    Thank You for visiting Spa Party Games.

    Why not link this page to your Facebook or Twitter page so that you can get all my updates easily. I will be adding more ideas as I grow my site. Subscribe to my newsletter for monthly ideas and offers and get a free digital book on "Games For All Occasions" yours free as a thank you.

    I enjoy writing about Spa Party Games and will continue to write more over the coming months.

    End Spa Party Games.

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    Sandra, Atlanta, USA

    Just a quick note to let you know that I followed your instructions for running party games at my sons birthday party and it went really well. I did 3 games and the most popular was the obstacle course. I had 10 boys ages 6-10 and once they had played with the course I had set out they then started to create their own ideas for obstacles and rearranged the course making it harder and harder. This 1 game kept them entertained for over an hour.

    Jess, From New Jersey.

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