Stuck in the Mud Party Game

by Jan
(Bristol, UK)

My son plays this game at Scouts and I have used it for his birthday party. He is 7 yrs. The more players the better

2 or 4 kids (depending on your total numbers), are chosen to be the Taggers. The Taggers have to run around tagging the other players. Once a player has been tagged, they have to stand still with their legs and arms outstretched like a star (stuck in the mud). They cannot move until another free player crawls under their legs and frees them from the mud. They can shout "Help, Help, Free me, Free Me, I'm stuck in the mud"

The 2 taggers have to try and tag as many other players and keep them tagged for the play time of 1 minute. They get a score based on how many are stuck in the mud at the end of the minute. The game is re run with 2 or 4 new kids being the taggers. The 2 or 4 taggers with the highest score wins the game. Everyone gets a chance to be a tagger.

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Jan 09, 2017
Nice game!
by: Anonymous

Sounds fun!

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