Teenage Party Games

Teenage party games are a must, and your own teenager is sure to have many ideas of their own. For the older teens, having party games and activities will take the focus off drinking, and will help make the party more memorable.

Just a Few Important Things To Consider With Older Teenage Parties

  • All teenage birthday parties require adult supervision.
  • Be aware of the liquor licensing laws for your city.
  • Have a plan for gate crashers. For example, have other responsible adults present, hire security, contact the police in advance).
  • Discuss the guest list with your teenager in advance, and do not allow invitation via text or email/internet.
  • Provide some food and make sure that soft drinks are readily available, this can help slow down the alcohol process.
  • Consider hiring a venue rather than risking damage to your own home.
  • Fun Party Games are easy to do, however, if you're stuck for game ideas, then take a look at the teen party games listed below. All teenage ages are included.

    I have selected games in which everyone plays, because party games were each player takes turns don't work as well. This is because a players turn may take a while and this can get boring for the others players.

    I have suggested some team and role based party games as they are the best party games for teens because they encourage co operation and interaction. Some of the games I remember playing at Girl Guide meetings, so much fun that I have never forgotten them.

    Do you have your own favorite teenage birthday party games and activities that you would like to share on this site, why not share them here.

    If you're looking at having a theme might for your teenagers birthday party, you might want to consider having a Murder Mystery night. This is a great way to add interaction, creativity and fun to your teenage birthday party.

    For quick easy instant party games check out this Printable Party Games Pack. More than 30 games to choose from!

    For the older teenagers, that like playing video or Online Games you can have a great night in with friends. Order in pizza or your favorite takeaway for an easy to prepare spontaneous party.

    Of course, if it's summer time in your part of the world, you can't go wrong with a few pool party games at your very own Pool Party!

    For the girls who want a bit of pampering and lots of girly fun, you can't go wrong with a truly special Spa Party!

    And finally, for all you die hard Twilight fans, why not have a Twilight Party?

    Teenage Party Games

    Getting to Know You - Pin Game

    This is a great ice breaker game especially when the guests don't know each other. It gets everyone talking. A fun, easy teenage party games.

    You will need: A pin for everyone.

    Object of the game: Apart from getting to know each other, is to collect as many pins from the other guests as possible.


  • Hand out the pins to all the guests on arrival.
  • Ask them to attach the pin to their clothes, near their shoulder/top of arm.
  • Tell the guests to mix and mingle around the room asking and answering questions with each other.
  • They are not allowed to use the words Yes or No or any variation of those words e.g. Yea, Nah.
  • If anyone uses the forbidden words, they must hand over their pin to the other person.
  • The winner is the person with all the pins at the end of the evening.

  • Who Am I

    Another good ice breaker teenage party games to use at the start of the party.

    You will need: A name of a famous person written clearly on a party hat, create as many famous name hats as there are guests. E.g. The Queen, Marilyn Munro, Santa Clause.

    Object of the game:Everyone to guess who they are.


  • On arrival, place the hats on the guest head without them seeing what famous name is written on it.
  • Guests must mix and mingle with the other guests and ask questions to find out who they are.
  • Questions can only be answered with Yes or No. For e.g. Am I a living person?, Am I a cartoon character?
  • Once all the guests have arrived, or at a set time, the guests sit in a circle and take it in turns to say who they think they are.

  • The Chocolate Game

    I love this teenage party games. Fun party games and chocolate, two of my favorite things!

    You will need: You will need: A tray, a hat, pair of gloves, a scarf, a knife, a fork, a die, and a wrapped bar of chocolate.

    Object of the game: To eat the chocolate.


  • Everyone sits in a circle around the tray of items.
  • The first person to throw a 6 must quickly put on the hat, the gloves and the scarf.
  • Using the knife and fork, they must cut the chocolate into an agreed size and eat it.
  • The other players continue to roll the die until someone else gets a 6.
  • When this happens, the eater must remove the items and pass them to the new eater.
  • Once the new eater is wearing the items they can begin to eat the chocolate with the knife and fork.

  • Treasure Hunt

    Include great outdoor teenage party games like this one for when you have large numbers of guests.

    You will need: A list of 20-30 items to be collected, for example, A box of tissues, A pen, A hat, A green leaf, The number 6, A piece of soap, a packet of soup, An insect (alive). Use your imagination!. A copy of the list for each team. A grocery bag.

    Object of the game: The team with the most items wins.


  • Create the list and make copies for each team.
  • Divide the guests into team. 6 guests per team is a good number.
  • Give each team a copy of the list and the grocery bag.
  • Set a time limit 30 minutes to 1 hour for each team to visit the local neighborhood and collect the items on the list.
  • Remind them of the rules, they must be polite when asking for items, they must return on or before the time set or they will be penalized 3 items.
  • Compare bags to find the winner.

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    Winking Murder

    Include quiet fun teenage party games like this one, which is good for calming the guests down before food is served.

    You will need: No props required.

    Object of the game: The chosen detective has to identify the winking murderer.


  • Everyone except the chosen detective sits in a circle.
  • The detective leaves the room and a murderer is chosen.
  • When the detective returns to the room they must stand/sit in the circle.
  • The murderer can then start to wink at the other guests, without being caught by the detective.
  • Anyone who is winked at must let out a blood curdling scream and pretend to die.
  • The detective only has 3 guesses.
  • The game is repeated with the murderer becoming the detective and a new murderer is chosen.

  • Family Animal Game

    This was one of my favorite teenage party games when I was a young girl guide. It's a spin on musical chairs. I also used it during a corporate sales meeting of sales reps to add energy to the meeting. The theme was Africa, so I chose animals from Africa only. Expect a lot of noise and laughter. Not suitable if pregnant, as it can get quite rough!

    You will need: Pen and paper to write animal names on, chairs, (1/3rd the number of chairs to the number of guests. Music.

    Object of the game: Find your family and be the last family of animals sitting on the last chair.


  • Select animal names such as Lions, Dogs, Bears, Pigs, etc.
  • Write down on a piece of paper, Daddy Bear, then on another piece of paper write Mummy Bear, then on a third piece of paper write Baby Bear.
  • Repeat for all your chosen animals.
  • Set the chairs up in a row as you would in musical chairs. Have enough chairs for each of the animal families.
  • Play the music while handing out the folded pieces of paper, which have been jumbled up.
  • Guests walk around the chairs but must not look at the paper until the music stops.
  • When the music stops, the guest reads the animal name and begins to make the noise of that animal. No talking!
  • Each animal has to find its family (by animal noise only), Father, Mother and Baby, before they can sit on a chair.
  • Daddy must sit on the chair, Mummy sits on Daddy's knee and Baby on Mummy's knee.
  • Repeat the process, but remove 1 of the chairs. As each round completes the family that doesn't get a chair must sit out the next round.
  • The last family of animals sitting on the last chair is the winner.

  • Blind Fold Obstacle Course

    Another Girl Guide game which which makes my list of great teens party games. Best for outdoors.

    You will need: Obstacles, like chairs, buckets, plant pots, Pull Bouy Skinny No-Kink Hoops, 24-Inch (One Dozen)

    etc. 1 x Blind fold for each team.

    Object of the game: First team to all reach the finish line.


  • In an open space, layout an obstacle course using your props. Scatter them around in no particular order.
  • Mark a start line and finish line at each end of the obstacle course.
  • Divide the guests into teams, 6 per team is best.
  • Choose a team leader who will guide the blindfolded team across the obstacle course.
  • If the blind folded team member touches an obstacle then they must return to the start line.
  • The first team to get all their team across the obstacle course to the finish line is the winner.
  • The first blindfolded team member takes over as team leader once they have crossed the finish line. The first team leader can then join the rest of the team at the start line.
  • Each team member takes it in turns to be the team leader.

  • Consequences

    This is an old Parlor game which was commonly played in the UK during the Victorian era. This is a good, quiet, indoor game, were guest get to be creative and have a laugh. Ideal to include as one of your teenage birthday party games.

    You will need: Pens and A4 sheets of paper.

    Object of the game: To create a funny story


  • Hand each guest a blank sheet of A4 paper and a pen.
  • Each guest writes on the top of the their paper a man's name.
  • The paper is then folded over to hide the name.
  • The paper is passed to the next person to the right.
  • Each guest then writes the name of a woman on the paper.
  • The paper is then folded over to hide the name.
  • The paper is passed to the next person to the right.
  • Each guest then writes a place name on the paper.
  • The process is continued until all of the 7 steps are completed.
  • At the end of the 7 steps, everyone takes it in turn to read the story that they all have created.
  • 7 Steps:

  • Man's Name.
  • Woman's Name.
  • Place Name.
  • He said to her...
  • She said to him...
  • The consequence was...(a description of what happened).
  • An outcome.

  • Squeak Piggy Squeak

    This teenage party games is best when everyone at the party knows each other. It can be played indoors or outdoors.

    You will need: A Blindfold

    Object of the game: The chosen farmer has to guess who the chosen Piggy is just by their squeak.


  • Choose 1 guest to be the farmer and one guest to be the Piggy.
  • Everyone except the chosen Farmer sits in a circle. The farmer leaves the room. A Piggy is chosen. When the blindfolded Farmer returns to the room they must stand in the circle and spin around at least 3 times.
  • The farmer says Squeak Piggy Squeak.
  • The Piggy can then start to Squeak at the farmer.
  • The Farmer must guess who the squeaking Piggy is within 3 guesses.
  • The game is repeated with the Piggy becoming the Farmer and a new Piggy is chosen.

  • Spin The Bottle

    An oldie but a goodie, come on who hasn't played this teenage party games before? This game can be either a Kissing Game or a Truth or Dare game which ever the guests prefer!!

    You will need: A Bottle.

    Object of the game: Teenage party games with lots of interaction and fun!


  • Everyone sits in a circle around the bottle.
  • 1 player sits in the middle and spins the bottle.
  • Whoever the bottle points to, the guest in the centre of the circle, must kiss on the lips.
  • The person the bottle pointed to then sits in the circle and spins the bottle.
  • The alternative version is that whoever the bottle points to must do a truth or dare as chosen by the person in the middle.

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    "Thank you Katherine, love your site. I used your suggestions for my 4 year olds birthday party last week. 15 Kindergarden kids! My sister does face painting so we did that. I had a pass the parcel using nursery rhyme music I had a candy between each wrapping of paper which worked well. Finally I did some balloon games. They loved it. I especially liked your idea of having a story time at the end of the party, it worked well, my sister read the stories and I organized the parents as they arrived to pick up their kids. My little girl loved her special day and I think it was the games that made it work so well. Planning my sons 7th Birthday for next month now"

    Sandra, Atlanta, USA

    Just a quick note to let you know that I followed your instructions for running party games at my sons birthday party and it went really well. I did 3 games and the most popular was the obstacle course. I had 10 boys ages 6-10 and once they had played with the course I had set out they then started to create their own ideas for obstacles and rearranged the course making it harder and harder. This 1 game kept them entertained for over an hour.

    Jess, From New Jersey.

    Thank you for the Easter games ideas, they went down a treat. We did the Easter egg hunt and I had pin the bunny ears. Really good.I like your web site its well written and got great ideas.

    Maggie B, Hamilton, Canada

    Thank you for your baby shower games ideas, I'd never done one before so had no idea where to start. They worked well and my friends loved it.

    Kim, Sydney.

    I had a housewarming last week and we played your game know your suburb. it was very entertaining and we learnt so much just in preparing for the game, great idea thanks.

    Shelly, Manchester, UK

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