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Having a Twilight Game, or two, at your very own Twilight Party is very important. Why?…because it's the party games that people remember.

I am a big fan of Twilight, despite my not being in the typical age group of fans. But I loved the all the books in the The Twilight Saga and I thought the movies where fantastic, very close to what I had imagined myself.

In case your wondering, I am a Jacob fan….. those muscles!

I can't wait for the release of the next Movie Breaking Dawn, Part I. I'm sure you are too, so I hope you are planning to have a Twilight Party to celebrate. To help you plan your party, here are some great, fun ideas to make sure that your Twilight party is the best one in town.

Start with the Twilight Eclipse Party Invitations, these are a must as you will need to let your friends know that your having a costume party and a Twilight Costume is not an option!

You will need to decorate your venue, whether it's your home, a hired hall or marque in the garden. Simple to do, just get some posters of Twilight Eclipse Movie (Edward, Bella, Jacob) and plaster them around. Use pretty fairy lights just like Alice used at the graduation party in the book.

Choose Your Twilight Game

What's The Time Mr Wolf?

A very appropriate fun Twilight Game to play at a Twilight party especially if you have space in a garden to run around. Based on the traditional party game that you probably played when your were younger.

You will need: No Props required for this Twilight party game.

Object of the game: To NOT get caught by the wolf.


  • Choose 1 player to be The Wolf.
  • The Wolf stands at one end of the garden, facing away from the other players, who are the vampires; they stand at the other end of the garden.
  • The vampires shout What's the time Mr Wolf?
  • The Wolf shouts back a time, anywhere between one o'clock to twelve o'clock.
  • On hearing this, the vampires can move as many steps forward as was the time (three o'clock = 3 steps).
  • Eventually The Wolf can reply Vampire Time at which point he can turn around and chase the vampires.
  • The vampire that is caught by the wolf becomes the next wolf.

  • Twilight Game - Costume Parade

    Dressing up in a costume is not an option for this dress up twilight games party. With all your guests dressing up as the Twilight characters or any form of Vampire or werewolf you can have your guest act out movie scenes.

    Be clear on your invitation that an appropriate Twilight costume should be worn, you can order costumes online or make your own if you're creative.

    Once everyone is dressed up, why not have a Twilight Costume Parade so that everyone can show off their Twilight costume. Don't forget to take lots of pictures!

    Twilight Stars Photo Opportunity

    If you want a fun activity that can turn into the perfect take home favor, then let your guests have their photo taken with some of the characters from the Twilight movie.

    Don't forget, your going to need some music for your party, maybe a bit of dancing or play acting, so make sure you have the original soundtracks available.

    You can create a game whereby the guests have to guess which tune was used for which movie. For die hard Twilight fans this one might even challenge them.

    Twilight Eclipse Board Game

    Based on the mega-hit movie, the Twilight Eclipse Board Game features over 100 scenes and pictures from the Twilight Eclipse movie. There are plenty of challenging Twilight quiz questions for the avid and the casual fan, so it caters for your party guests regardless of their knowledge level..

    The beautiful playing board and cards contain over 100 images from the Eclipse movie and includes sculpted Cullen Crest and Volturi Crest Moving pieces.

    Hot Actors Trivia Game

    In keeping with the fact that the Twilight movies are full are hot hunks, chic charmers and handsome heart breakers, this fun trivia game about the world's hottest male actors makes a fun Twilight game to play especially if your party is extending into the evening, and becoming a Twilight Slumber party!

    This Slumber Party Hot Actors Trivia game is definitely one for the girls. Simply download this party game, and print it off.

    Twilight Game Treasure Hunt

    This is a great outdoor Twilight game that all ages will love.

    You will need: Twilight movie items, you can get creative with this. Think about props from the Twilight Saga books, even the books and Twilight DVD's themselves! The more players, the more items you need. Here are some ideas:

  • Vampire Fangs
  • Vampire Hooded Cape
  • Bellas Wolf and Heart Bracelet
  • Toy Volvo Car
  • A Red Apple
  • A Red Ribbon
  • A Chess Piece
  • Twilight New Moon Baseball Hat, Ball and Bat
  • Twilight Eclipse Movie (Edward, Bella, Jacob) Poster Print
  • Twilight T-Shirt/clothing…and Twilight Tote Bag to put everything in.
  • Object of the game: The team with the most items wins.


  • You will need to set this game up by placing all your items around your house/garden/park, area that you plan for the game to be played
  • Create the list of Twilight items and make copies for each team.
  • Divide the guests into team. 6 guests per team is a good number.
  • Give each team a copy of the list and a bag.
  • Set a time limit 30 minutes to 1 hour for each team to search for and collect the items on the list.
  • Compare bags to find the winner.

  • Scene It Game

    Try this exciting new Twilight game, that features content from all 3 of the Twilight films. This is the ultimate trivia board game that features all new clips, Twilight quiz trivia and on-screen puzzles from this blockbuster Twilight saga series. A perfect Twilight party game!

    Scene It? Twilight Saga Deluxe edition's main attraction, however, is the interactive DVD. Hosted by Dr. Carlisle Cullen (played by Peter Facinelli), this DVD is filled with hundreds of video clips, sound bites, and images from the three movies. When players draw a DVD challenge card, they must solve a video puzzle. Ranging from memory games to message decryptions, these puzzles will put your knowledge of Twilight to the test., with some of the tougher questions being challenging enough to stump even the most devoted Twilight fans.
This Twilight game comes with a DVD, game board, four collectible metal tokens, 160 trivia cards, 20 Fate cards, six-sided numbered die, eight-sided category die, four category reference cards, one reference card, and instruction sheet.

    Twilight and New Moon the Movie Card Games

    Twilight and New Moon the Movie Card Games Combo Pack. Twilight: Relive the Romance. Discover how much you know about Twilight & how much you know about your friends. New Moon: Enter the world of the New Moon. Be the first player to collect 8 New Moon Cards to win. Find out you how much you know about New Moon & Your friends.

    Vampire Count

    This Twilight game is adapted from a very old game, and has been given a Twilight Twist.

    The guests need to take it in turns to count, so they need to know what order they are. They begin to count in turn, but when the number 7 or any number in which the figure 7 or any multiple of 7 is reached, they say "Vampire," instead of whatever the number may be.

    For example, supposing the guests have counted up to 12, the next guest will say "13," the next "Vampire," because 14 is a multiple of 7 (2x7.)

    The next guest would then say "15," the next "16" and the next would of course say "Vampire" because the figure 7 occurs in the number 17.

    If one of the guests forgets to say "Vampire" at the proper time, they are out. The game then starts over again with the remaining players, and so it continues until there is but one person remaining.

    If your guests are very clever, then they may reach up to 70, which, would of course be called Vampire. The numbers would then be carried on as vampire 1, Vampire 2, etc., up to 79, but it is very seldom that this stage is reached.

    Another option would be to choose a characters name from the Twilight movie. Or to make the game even more complicated, especially if you have clever guests, then add in the rule that whenever there is the number 10, they must say "Wolf"

    The Twilight Saga: New Moon - 240 Piece puzzleball

    The Twilight Saga: New Moon - 240 Piece puzzleball® - is a uniquely rounded puzzling experience perfect for the Twilight Slumber Party. It is made of curved, sturdy plastic pieces which interlock to form a perfectly smooth surface. The underside of each piece is conveniently numbered and no glue is required. It comes with a matching display stand and looks fantastic when its finished.

    This makes for a quiet Twilight game, perfect at the end of a active Twilight party.

    Twilight Baseball

    If you remember in the book, the Cullen family liked to play baseball, and you can too especially if you have enough players and plenty of space.

    Get yourself a Backyard Baseball Set This one has Steel backstop withadjustable height strike zone. Assembled size: 53" X 24" X 24"5 piece white vinyl base set includes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, home plate and pitcher's plate. Includes: 3 Oversized 90mm plastic baseballsAlso included: 27" plastic wood grain style baseball bat.

    Kit your guests out with their very own Twilight New Moon "Round Cullen Crest" Baseball Hat and Twilight "Eclipse" Water Bottle with Carabiner Clip and have a fun game of baseball Cullen style!

    Twilight New Moon the Movie Trivia Card Game

    Twilight New Moon the Movie Trivia Card Game. The cards are come in a Tin Case. Enter into the world of New Moon. Be the first played to successfully collect 8 New Moon cards to win. Find our How much you know about New Moon and your friends? For Ages 12 and up. For 2 to 4 players.

    Twilight Puzzle "Edward Broken Glass

    Twilight Puzzle "Edward Broken Glass" makes for another great Twilight Slumber Party Game.

    Twilight Movie

    As the sun goes down, and you've completed your chosen Twilight game, why not finish the day off with a viewing of one of the Twilight Movies.

    Perfect for Twilight sleepover, because the girls can get into their pajamas for this one.

    Simply set up a data projector and screen, and settle down for some movie fun.

    Now that you have your Twilight party games sorted, don't forget to visit Party Supplies at Low Prices. Get all your paper party tableware and decorations delivered…too easy!

    And don't forget, for Twilight gift, Twilight props and accessories and Twilight toy ideas, visit my Easy Store.

    I hope my site has given you some ideas so that you know what to do for your Twilight party. Keep it simple, keep it safe and have fun!

    Thank You for visiting my Twilight Game site.

    Why not link this page to your Facebook or Twitter page so that you can all my updates easily. I will be adding more ideas as I grow my site. I enjoy writing about Twilight Games and I will continue to write more over the coming months.

    End Twilight Game.

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    I am a big fan of the Twilight Saga despite my age!!

    I found them to be an easy read and I really got into the whole vampire werewolf theme which I normally wouldn't read.

    I thought the movies were well done and followed the story line well. I can see how they became a big hit.

    So if you haven't already read these books, I highly recommend them.

    No wonder so many young people are having Twilight Parties.

    The Twilight Saga Complete CollectionThe Twilight Saga Complete Collection

    The Twilight Saga Complete Collection

    Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)

    New Moon (The Twilight Saga, Book 2)

    Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3)

    Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4)