Wet T-Shirt

by Annonymous

This game is such a fun game for all ages. So you have two teams of as many people as you want or 1 on 1.

You have two jugs on one side with a measure line marked on each of the jugs, that are at the same height. On the other side, you have a bucket of water.

You have to give each team 1 T-shirt for the player to wear. Each team player takes it in turns to run to the bucket, get the T-shirt as wet as they can, run back to their jug and squeeze as much water as they can into the jug, then toss the t-shirt to the next player & they repeat.

Team to fill their jug with water to the line first, wins!

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Jun 26, 2011
Thanks great idea
by: Anonymous

Thanks Anonymous

I like your contribution.

Rather than be anonymous, why not have a nick name, so that we know when you make other contributions.

Then you can give your friends the URL link and show them your pages!

Just a thought...

Katherine, easy-party-games.com

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