What Do You Know Engagement Party Game

by Debbie J
(Austin, Texas, USA)

An easy game to play at an engagement party is "What Do You Know". It's a bit like a trivia game. Make a list of 20 things about the couple, turn those 20 things into questions.

So for example, if you know the couple plan to honeymoon in Barbados once they are married, then the question is, Where will the newly wed couple go for a honeymoon?

Other typical questions can be for example, Where did the couple meet?, What is their favorite restaurant? Its best to ask questions that many of the guests are likely to know because the couple have discussed it openly.

You can use this game idea for other occasions as well. I recently went to a 40th birthday party and this game was played. Of course everyone cheats and asks others in the party for the answers, but this is good because it gets everyone talking so you can use it if the guests don't all already know each other.

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