Who is my neighbor?

by Alex Goodyear

Blind man’s bluff party games for kids

There are some classic variations of the popular blind man’s bluff party game that will entertain today’s kids. This article presents a variation that is suitable for kids parties of ages 6 to 8 years old.

In its original form blind man’s bluff is a little like the game ‘tag’ only the person trying to tag (or find) the others is blind folded. The classic game also involves the person (blind folded) trying to guess, by feeling the other guest's face, who the person is who has been tagged.

In Victorian times there were many other party games (apart from Blind Man’s Bluff) that involved guests being blind folded and the following party idea would be suitable for today’s kids parties (for guests ages 6 to 8).

Who is my neighbor?

This is an interesting variation of blind man’s bluff as it involves more than one person being blind folded. In fact half of the party guests are blind folded and seated in a circle. The other half of the guests (not blind folded) stand between the seated guests. The guests (who are not blind folded) then start singing a well known song or nursery rhyme. The blind folded guests then have to guess who is singing to their immediate right. The guests doing the singing should be given song sheets so that the singing is consistent and continuous. As a variation each singing guest can be given a different song to sing. The game can be repeated with the guests moving around the circle or exchanging the blind folds so that the standing guests change with the seated guests.

Variations of “Who is my neighbor?”

A simple variation of the above game is to have the party host call out a name of an animal (e.g. pig, goat, cat, dog, hen, cow, horse, snake etc.) and have the standing guests (the ones not blind folded) make that animal noise. The seated, blind folded guests, then have to guess who their right hand neighbor is by listening to the animal noises.

Alex Goodyear researches Victorian parlor, and other vintage, games that will make suitable girls party ideas for today's teenager. Blind man's bluff and it's variations has proved to be one of several vintage games that truly engages today's youth (both girls and boys) in joyful 'in person' interaction.

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